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Various young enthusiasts have started doing freelance blogging on number of web platforms which grants them numerous opportunities to become famous in the world and also to generate income from these sources.

Personal blogging can prove to be a pleasant as well as a satisfying experience for everyone as the people have freedom to share their insights and opinions about any kind of social issue against which they want to raise their voice.

But for the success of a personal blogging website, implementation of a perfect and artistic web design is very important. There are number of websites which give suggestions to the personal bloggers on which design to select and employ for a personal blogging website. is one of the best websites from which the bloggers can take the huge benefits from.

Let’s look into some of the best HTML website designs which can prove salutary for the personal bloggers.

# 1 Ryan

If the person is looking for a website design which is highly creative and customizable at the same time, the Ryan design template will work best for him or her. It is a one-page personal portfolio tool which offers 5 super-stylish home banner options along with 20 color ideas. It is a flexible page tarpaulin which can be easily altered and tailored up by the website designer. It has a number of built up modern technological features like Bootstrap 4, Css3, j Query, HTML5 with the help of which the blogger will not encounter any congeniality problem.

# 2 Solonick

This is another impressive and modern website design template one can use to build a very appealing website. It will attract much of the demographic traffic online for the website. It comes with 8 super-stunning indexes, 8 portfolio styles and 9 single- portfolio pages which are pre-designed and are ready to use. Solonick is very responsive and retina- ready and lines up with the modern web browsers.

# 3 Runaway

Any person would love to have their footprints and identification symbols on their websites. Similar is the case with this design template as it will give an opportunity to the blogger to share his name on their masterpiece. With Runaway, the bloggers can select the proper demos with sophisticated concept and style. Other features which are available in this design template are free fonts, scrolling options, animations and more.

# 4 Xcent

If one feels that he has the talent and he want to monetize from it, he can surely benefit from this website template. This platform offers all kinds of designing features to the users which include parallax effect, slider, filterable portfolio and on scroll content load features to be usable by the personal website bloggers.

# 5 Brax

It provides two ultimate demos for the website. First, is the full-screen version which will help the blogger to keep the website look simple and light. The second demo feature is Typewriter effect demo, which will help the blogger to present himself with a bang online. The features provided by Brax platform are functional AJAX contact form, parallax effect, footer revealer, cross-platform compatibility expert. If the blogger will look for digging this style only, then he may not need to look for any design further. 

# 6 Lina

It has quite a unique web design template as compared to other forms of website templates. If one wants to appear distinguishable from other website bloggers, then go for using Lina. It has both light and a dark page skin with 10 super-dazzling color schemes, stylish changeovers. The blogger can easily change the layout of the web page and can customize it anytime.

# 7 Hendrix

For the current competitive world, where exhibiting both personal as well as professional background is a burning trend,showcasing a personal website template and blog has substantial importance. For this purpose, Hendrix provides out of the box functionality and beautiful appearances to digital wanderers who wants to construct an eye-catchy website. Hendrix has 3 amazing backgrounds, 6 preset color schemes, logos, animations.

# 8 Manisa

Manisa works best if a person wants to build a creative personal blogging website. This tool is stacked with the number of useful features which one can use outside of the box. It comes with ready to use designs which support multi navigation and multi header designs. It also has typewriter effect, color schemes, contact form, filterable portfolio feature, range of testimonials sliders, google maps and pricing tables. So, let Manisa do the magic for your website and make you stand out from other personal blogging websites.

# 9 Jolpai

This type of website template is beneficial for all kinds of professionals especially web designers, digital nomads, content developers, photographers. If a person wants a fully functional website for their professional work, the Jolpai is the best option for him or her. Joli is creative and mobile-friendly whose browser capability is inevitable. Some of the excellent features of this template is it offers latest technologies like google web fonts, preset colors technique, video supportive.

# 10 Maria

Maria page skin is recommended both for amateurs and experts. It has some easy-to-use filter and features. It has a Bootstrap 4 template for which it is highly recommended tool to use. In the Maria kit, every user will be able to use 9-page layouts and 18 preset color skins. With these options only, the blogger will be able to create a very aesthetic webpage online.

So, these are some of the effective website templates which the bloggers can make use of to design their personal websites. These are the premium templates which can work for almost all kinds of professions.

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