2022’s Top Recommended Investing Software and Apps


Artificial intelligence is one of the technologies that are changing investing. Traders who rely on these tools have boosted their returns on investments. This is through the diversification of their investment assets. Software and apps help them know how best to diversify their portfolios.

But knowing the software to use as a beginner investor can be tricky. The ever-increasing number of software and apps makes choosing the biggest challenge. This article will simplify your search. It will recommend the top AI trading software and apps to consider as a beginner investor.

Let’s get started with it.

1. Trade Ideas

Trade Ideas

Source: https://www.trade-ideas.com/

This AI tool comes with a wide range of benefits to investors. Trade Ideas can help you learn to trade and invest from scratch. This AI and simulated trading platform helps simplify the multifaceted problems and jargons that are associated with trading and investing. This makes it easier for a starter to become a trading pro.

Trade Ideas uses AI to facilitate collecting better insights from the market. It makes it easier for someone to manage their account. It also has a newsletter that will help keep you updated. You can also set up an account and start practicing trading using virtual money.

2. Trend Spider

Successful investing requires a lot of planning. Trend Spider is one of the best AI trading software you can use to plan. It will help you make informed investment decisions to ensure you get the desired results. It removes bias from the planning process by minimizing human input.

You can automate a lot of tasks as an investor using Trend Spider. You can rely on this stock trading software to create the best strategies in the industry. It will help you develop the ideal strategy for your needs. It will also help you test these strategies to ensure they’ll work.

3. Ticker

It’s always vital to know what’s happening in the industry. This can help you develop a strategy that will ensure the highest returns. You can scan events from several cryptomarkets within a few clicks. Also, you will detect patterns that can help you succeed as a trader in the future.

You’ll reduce the amount of work you have to do by using Tickeron in your investment journey. It will provide real-time signals that will help guide your journey. Also, this tool has different plans, and you can choose the most affordable. It also has a free version for every plan it comes with.

4. Blackboxstocks

This is the tool to use if you need real-time market insights. It has everything you need to get the correct discernment of the market. You can get trading alerts that will help you increase your potential returns. This platform began operating in 2014 and has seen significant growth over the years.

You can also join a community of Blackboxstocks on Twitter and other platforms. Exchanging ideas with them can help you grow your craft. You can also get real-time information from this stock trading software’s Twitter handle. That will make it easier to ensure you succeed.

5. EquBot


You cannot overlook EquBot when talking about software for trading. It’s one of those tools that every trader and investor needs. EquBot is an AI tool that makes investing easier than you could ever imagine. It gathers all the data you need to ensure you succeed as an investor.

There are various reasons to consider EquBot in your investment journey. One of the primary reasons is that it has some beginner-friendly features. You can be sure that your investment journey will be fruitful if you use it. The insights EquBot provides help support decision-making.

6. Infinite Alpha

The cryptocurrency world is growing at an exponential rate. Keeping up with the latest trends is daunting significantly if you don’t leverage the power of technology. Most successful investors rely on trading analysis software like Infinite Alpha to make informed decisions and succeed.

It comes with a wide range of features that, if used well, will make you a trading pro. For instance, you get access to easy-to-use controls. Also, you can trust its security features and the fact that it’s ISO certified. Infinite Alpha covers the wide cryptocurrency market, making investing easy.

7. Imperative Execution Inc.

Another software tool you should keep an eye on is Imperative Execution Inc. It has excellent features that make it worth investing in as a trader. For instance, it allows traders to automate order management. Also, it helps ensure near-continuous order management, boosting success.

This tool will also make it easier to access various shares as a trader. Most of these are US-based shares that most investors look for. Last but not least, Imperative Execution Inc. can help you stay updated with the latest industry news. You only need a few clicks to get this news.

8. Kavout

This AI-driven software can also make your investment journey more effortless. It has all the information you need to know what’s happening in the industry. Besides, its features make it one of the best tools to use. For instance, it comes with a user-friendly layout and menu.

It is also one of the best platforms for beginners who want to set their foot in the industry. They can follow the insights shared by Kavout to learn how trading works. It will be easier to enhance your strategy with this tool if you are starting. You can use it to practice and grow your skills.

You Can Now Enhance Your Trading Strategy Using this AI Software and Apps

Those are some of the tools you can consider as an investor. They can help make your investment journey more rewarding. You can even predict your prospective revenue when using such tools. This can make it easy to tweak your trading strategy to increase potential returns.

What’s left is to choose the tool that best fits your needs. But the trading platforms software we have discussed above can all deliver the desired results. You cannot go wrong with any of these tools. But you can also look at the specific features each offers and then make an informed choice.

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