Be on Number 1 On Google in 2020 Without Violating the Rules

Number 1 On Google

When a good chef shares his recipe, it is such an honor that you can’t wait to go and try. The same goes for the tech-savvy, revealing the secret to getting you on top of Google ranking 2020, without breaking some rules. Why is this? A study done by Infront Webworks shows that those who land on Google’s first page receive 95% of web traffic. While subsequent pages get only 5% or even less total traffic. To find out how you can nail that, draw closer as we release the cat out of the bag.

Understand Google Algorithm

Google keeps changing its algorithm, and unfortunately, most of it doesn’t get publicized. About 40% of marketers admit their most significant challenge to SEO success is the constant changes to these algorithms. A confirmation from one of their executives, John Mueller. According to Moz estimates, the amount of changes that occur per year is around 500-600. A bit mysterious, because most information that you get from industry is mere speculation. The reason behind this, It prevents hacking, so Google can succeed in ranking only the best. At this point, you may need an affordable SEO service for more advice.

Here are significant algorithms updates that Google use;

Mobile-friendly: They tend to favor those sites that are mobile-friendly, and it is good that you comply. Otherwise, you might get penalized.

Hummingbird: It is responsible for checking the intent of a user search.

Penguin: It targets spammers and those who go buying unnatural links.

Pegion: Helps to integrate all the local search results such as Google maps.

For you to keep track of it all, you can use Moz’s Google Algorithm Change History. It is a rich-database that arranges all updates chronologically.

Track where you rank

As you aim to be among the top, you first need to know where you stand. To avoid getting search algorithm punishment, make use of essential tools and resources to nail that problem. will let you know the ranking of your site’s keyword. If you don’t see how your site loads speed, there are several tools we can recommend, such as WebPageTest, YSlow browser, and Pingdom Website Speed Test. It is crucial to work on your site speed as it falls on Google’s major factor in ranking. Otherwise, get affordable SEO services to fix your site.

Learn how to improve SEO using keyword research

It is crucial to understand that keyword research is vital in your marketing strategy. Here is what you need to do; Pick the keywords that people are using when searching for your site. From your Google account, check out the Google Keyword Planner. You will find the “search” tab above the dashboard where you can now type the keyword.

The next keyword tab will show just that, and the search volume of a period you need. The result will give you firsthand info about the audience you’re targeting. With this, it gives you a proper guide to writing headlines and an article that will rank beautiful in Google search results. You can use Alexa to find out the demographics of your audience.

Another great thing you can do is to spy on your competitors. Find out what’s keeping them on top, and how they are doing that. The most recommended tool for this is Google Keyword Planner, which gives an accurate estimate of your competitors’ keyword. You need to know the right keywords for your target.

Time to Fix things

It’s time to start fixing everything that doesn’t seem right on your website. Check the structure of your site, if users find it hard to navigate your website, or Google can’t manage to crawl, fix that to boost your ranking. Did you know that most technical issues may be as a result of duplicate content? Some of the innocent ones that you may use are multiple versions coming from the same page. Resolve this by setting redirect rules in .htaccess file.

In conclusion, to get a top rank from Google, you need to work hard and have some skills. Avoid short-cuts and spammy techniques that lead to stiff consequences. Alternatively, find affordable SEO service experts to work on your website. Don’t be afraid to spend in resources that can help you get you on top.

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