7 Common Chiropractic Techniques for Back And Shoulder Pain

Back And Shoulder Pain

Over time, Chiropractic techniques are gaining popularity because of their drug-free approach. With the help of different sorts of chiropractic techniques, patients experience alleviation in pain and increment in mobility. Additionally, considering the chiropractor in Singapore will be the wiser solution to deal with the strain on the back and neck. 

These adjustments are effective in restoring mobility and joint function. Even if you are seeking a drug-free approach, you must consider the various chiropractic techniques. These techniques are divided into several categories. Some of them are ideal for neck pain, while some are for back pain. When you visit the Chiropractor Singapore, they will suggest the treatment as per your problem. 

Apart from it, here come some techniques of Chiropractic, which are ideal for shoulder and back pain. 

1. The diversified 

This technique is utilized for three major purposes: restoring the spinal alignment, repairing joint dysfunction, and proper mobility. Approximately 96% of chiropractors give preference to the diversified technique on most of the patients. 

2. Spinal Manipulation 

It is also named manual therapy or spinal mobilization. Spinal manipulation is not used by chiropractors but also by the physical therapist. It is fruitful in relieving the pressure on joints, lessening inflammation, and many more. Along with that, spinal manipulation includes stretching. 

3. The Gonstead Adjustment 

To restore the normal disc alignment and mobility, this technique is considered. In this technique, the chiropractor works on manipulating the lower back or pelvis. Moreover, it is considered as the hands-on technique which consists of analyzing the spinal region.

4. Drop technique 

The drop technique is also named the Thompson Terminal Point, which includes the specialized treatment tables which consist of the drop mechanism. In addition to that, the main reason for using the drop mechanism is for facilitating joint movement. As per the perception of professionals, it is one of the most comfortable techniques.

5. Flexion – Distraction 

This technique is also named the Cox Technic. Not all chiropractors used this technique. Moreover, flexion-distraction includes adjusting the skull, gentle stretch of the back, aligning the spine to the normal position, and many more. Additionally, this technique is beneficial for neck and back-related pain.


The term AMCT stands for the Activator Method Chiropractic Technique or commonly named the Activator technique. This technique requires the spring-loaded device, which is known as the activator. 

Moreover, the activator technique is fruitful for adjusting the tone of the nervous system. AMCT is ideal for different sorts of pain, including back pain, headaches, neck pain, and many more. 

7. Myofascial Technique 

The myofascial tissue is considered as the membrane layer that supports, covers, and connects the muscles. The stiff areas in the myofascial tissue can be the reason for muscle pain that you usually experience. Additionally, these are also known as the ‘triggers point.’ 

This technique works on triggering those points which can become the reason for the pain. In addition to that, a chiropractor works by finding out the trigger points where you are experiencing the pain. The trigger point can also lead to joint and muscle stiffness. 

The chiropractic techniques are not only limited to the techniques mentioned earlier. But, several more techniques are fruitful for different kinds of pain. In addition to that, here is the list of some techniques too:

  • Functional technique 
  • Indirect positional technique
  • Muscle energy technique 
  • Articulatory     

So, after reading the information mentioned earlier, now you get an idea about the different kinds of chiropractic techniques. When you experience pain, you can contact the TCM SingaporeIn addition to that, when choosing the best chiropractor, do not decide in a hurry. You need to check various factors to select the best one.

Consider their Chiropractor Singapore priceexperience, reviews, and many more. You can discuss it with your friends too to choose the ideal one for the treatment of neck and back pain. Pay attention to choosing the best chiropractor to get the best results. The best chiropractor will guide you and give you the best treatment.   The inference of complete analysis is that there is no shortage of chiropractic techniques. All you need to do is find the best chiropractor to get guidance and treatment.  

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