All You Need to Know About N95 Face Masks

Covid-19 and the Printing Industry

During the advent of the Pandemic, everyone wore masks to protect themselves from the COVID virus. And this Pandemic has scared all of us. A massive outbreak resulted in over 4.93 million deaths worldwide. Statistics show that almost 1.5 thousand individuals died in Australia due to the adverse consequences of the Coronavirus. In such instances, professionals recommend individuals to buy an N95 mask in Australia.

These masks have various features that protect people from inhaling deadly viruses. Professionals also sell it uniquely for individual use. Thus, this article will focus on understanding the significance of these masks.

Why Masks?

The Corona Virus spreads through contact. Individuals who come into contact with victims of this virus fall sick. So, to curb the adverse consequences of this deadly virus, professionals suggest citizens wear masks. Meanwhile, these masks prevent the virus from entering the respiratory system. They lower the chances of individuals getting affected and are thus preferred highly today.

Other than the COVID pandemic, these masks also have other uses. Many individuals who work in industrial areas know the significance of these masks. For instance, people working in chemical industries know the harmful effects of chemical fumes. As such, they help individuals protect themselves from various pollutants. So, here are some such pollutants from which they protect the users:

Dust: Dust is one of the worst things to inhale. They cause individuals to cough, sneeze and have a whole lot of respiratory issues. And individuals working in the mining or construction industry go through these regularly. But, when individuals buy an N95 mask in Australia, they rest assured that they’re properly protected.

Fumes – As elucidated earlier, fumes are highly harmful to the human respiratory system. Meanwhile, research suggests multiple ways for treatment when one has inhaled chemicals. However, individuals who keep inhaling these chemicals over a long period end up with diseases like strokes, heart-related issues, and in some cases, even cancer. In such instances, N95 Masks are a safe bet for these professionals. And with these masks, they can go about their daily activities without the fear of long-term health damage.

Vapours: Finally, vapours are also known to cause cardiovascular diseases. Hence, individuals who are exposed to vapours regularly often face heart-related issues. For instance, health care workers are required to wear an N95 mask to protect themselves and the ones they’re treating.

Safety Standards

There are a plethora of benefits to opting for such masks. However, the safety levels they provide are validated by various authorities for a few reasons. And here are some of the factors:

Tested in Laboratories: Firstly, these masks have been through rigorous processing techniques in laboratories. And professionals test them using state-of-the-art methods to ensure the highest levels of safety to their users. This fact makes them more preferable in today’s scenario.

Over 98% Filtration: Another excellent benefit of these masks is the number of pollutants they filter. Professionals have declared that they filter more than 98 per cent of the pollutants in the atmosphere.

Approved: These masks are also certified by standard-setting authorities in both Australia and New Zealand. And individuals prefer wearing these masks because of the levels of safety they receive.

Certified: Finally, these masks are also certified products internationally. And N95 masks have various benefits that make them preferable products on a global scale today. Moreover, individuals opt to buy an N95 mask in Australia for the very same reasons. In conclusion, many individuals and authorities agree that N95 masks are the best choice today. It is vital to maintain one’s health, especially during a pandemic situation. Moreover, the slightest of illnesses gives one fear of being affected by the Coronavirus. Thus, experts recommend wearing these masks to avoid adverse consequences and lead healthy and happy lives.

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