What’s The Deal With Vegan Tote Bags?

Vegan Tote Bags

Veganism is more than merely a diet; it is a lifestyle. And it aims at excluding all forms of animal products due to the cruelty and exploitation of animals.

Animal products are a part of everyday food items, drinks, and even fashion. And ditching such products is great for the environment, given that veganism could save about eight million human lives by 2050.

So, if you too wish to turn to a vegan lifestyle, here is something to care for your fashion needs! Check out the vegan tote bags that are stylish yet cruelty-free bags. And dive right in to learn more about these bags. 

Why Should You Use Vegan Bags?

The benefits of a vegan diet are discussed widely, but what about vegan accessories? Hence, here are a few ideas why you should use vegan bags:

1. As Appealing as the Real Deal

Yes, leather bags look stunning. However, they are a result of harm to the wildlife. So, what if you could get something similar without causing any cruelty?

As such, vegan products, such as vegan leather bags, do not harm animals and still appear just as glamorous. Moreover, they are quite durable and long-lasting.

2. Cruelty-Free Products

Doesn’t it feel better to know that no animals have been harvested for the stunning bag on your shoulder? Vegan items are not made from animal products or tested on animals, ensuring that they are cruelty-free. And as more and more people start moving to vegan products, hopefully, the market will no longer favour regular products that promote cruelty against animals.

3. Satisfaction and Joy

There is absolutely no guilt attached to buying a vegan bag. And it is because you are not responsible for any harm towards other beings, and it can lead to a feeling of complete satisfaction. Moreover, you will feel more positive physically and mentally when you realise your bag choices are not harming anyone.

4. Recycling For the Win

Vegan bags are made of recycled materials such as pineapple leaves, tree bark, bamboo, and apple skins. Sometimes these bags are also recyclable, so you’re not harming the environment even when you’re done using them.

Here are some other materials commonly used to make vegan totes:

  • Recycled paper
  • Post-consumer plastic
  • Mushroom skin leather
  • Bamboo
  • Polyurethane leather
  • Cork
  • Banana leaf fibres
  • Grape skins

5. Doesn’t Burn a Hole in Your Pocket

Not every trending commodity is expensive, and vegan totes are the perfect example. As such, even though more and more people are now buying vegan bags, they are still affordable compared to bags made with animal products.

Meanwhile, the lower price does not mean that the bags are not worth it. A vegan bag can last for just as long with the proper care and maintenance efforts.

6. Social Responsibility

Old and stablished brands are also now embracing vegan products. And in this world where fast fashion is causing more harm than good, popular brands going vegan is just the change everybody needs. Moreover, consumers have a social responsibility to promote sustainable choices. And by tweaking your buying preferences, you can drive the market to support vegan products.

Who doesn’t need a tote bag? It is a perfect option for pretty much wherever you want to go, whether it is the gym or on a flight. Besides, these bags are large enough to hold essentials along with snacks or even an extra t-shirt.

Vegan tote bags are a boon since they offer all of these benefits without harming any creature on the planet. So, get your vegan bag already!

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