Top 8 Advanced PHP Tips and Tricks That Only Expert PHP Developers Know

PHP Tips

From Facebook, Wikipedia, Yahoo to Mailchimp, every major company uses PHP as its server-side scripting language. PHP goes well with a number of languages such as HTML, javascript, python, etc. The best part about a PHP script is that it is executed on the server before it reaches the user’s browsers. These features are probably the reasons behind excessive use of PHP as a language for developing dynamic and responsive websites. 

If you are an owner of a business looking to get yourself an amazing website that can skyrocket your business, then your next step should be to hire PHP developer. These professionals are extremely talented and experienced and have that capability to provide you with a work of art. However, if you are a developer who wants to know the secret behind all those magnificent PHP websites then here something for you. Here we bring to you the top 8 Advanced PHP Tips That Only Expert PHP Developers Knows. 

Learn Object-Oriented Programming 

Very often when people start doing PHP programming they start by learning how to write the procedural code without any proper structure or organisation. Although there is nothing wrong in writing procedural code, as you grow you will find out that creating a website requires a lot better ways of dividing and organising your code. This is where OOPs or object-oriented programming comes in, as it allows the developer to break down the code into various classes and object calls. So thoroughly go through OOPs before you working on a real project. 

Self Documented Code 

This is the best tip for every developer weather using PHP or any other programming language for server scripting. It’s common for beginner programmers to forget variables name, class names, and sometimes even the whole section code. That is why it is always recommended to write self scripting code with properly defined variable, function and class names that you can remember easily. Also, add comments to separate the different sections of the code. 

Learn To Use a PHP Framework 

Frameworks are prewritten pieces of code that makes developers work a lot easier and development process a lot more efficient and effective. As of now, Laravel is considered one of the best PHP framework in use by the development community. So you can give laravel a try or any other framework of your choice. 

Get The Size Of The Specified URL Or Specified 

You can get the size of the file by using a function called filesize(), it is a very useful function as it can be used to perform a variety of operations. Also, it is used with echo to get the size of a specified URL or file. So make sure to use “echo filesize(“test.txt”);”  at appropriate places to make your work simpler. 

Build Your Own Framework 

Even if just for learning do try to build up your own PHP framework after you have learned how to use a framework. It a great practice routine for a developer to mimic how these frameworks work. Also while building your framework you are going to come across various new advanced PHP methods. So do give it a try. 

Learn From Others

You can not possibly hope to learn everything, so the best possible way to widen your PHP view is to read other peoples source code. This will give you a perspective of others and how they prefer to code to solve a problem effectively. 

Keep It Simple 

Programming does not always mean writing a high spec difficult variety of a simple code. So if you can solve a problem simply then do it, there is no need to make things complex. 

Choose Your Tools Wisely 

Like we said before choose wisely, while you are working on a professional project. Your choice of PHP tool can diversely affect the PHP website development process in a positive or a negative way. 

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