SEO 101: A Basic understanding for Beginners

Everything in life involves growth and change including businesses. If a business does not adapt to the new trends and changes taking place in the global market they risk being left behind. 

Global markets are a tough arena to compete in and if businesses, small or big want to survive they need to use the tools and techniques that facilitate growth. One of the most important among them is SEO. There are professional agencies that work in this field too like Marketing Sweet Brisbane SEO services. This article will examine everything related to SEO from a novice’s perspective. 

Understanding SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation and it refers to a process using which a business can change the visibility of their webpage or website in search engines results page without paying them for the same. 

There are several ways in which one can optimise their site or page. For example, improving a website for the audience is very different from improving it from the perspective of search engines. Hence the balancing of the different SEO techniques needs to be done strategically. Utilising the help of professional SEO agencies like Marketing Sweet Brisbane SEO services can help in this area. 

Why is SEO important?

SEO can be instrumental in answering some of the basic questions that affect a website’s growth and development. Fundamental areas like increasing traffic of a webpage, increasing relevance on a results page, how to choose the correct keywords etc, can all be figured out using SEO. These things are important as they dictate the viewership removed by a website and hence even the revenue of it.

The right search engine?

The first step in increasing the traffic of a webpage involves choosing the correct search engine. There are several different search engines like Google, Yahoo, Baidu etc but they have a different status in the global market. Google by far is the most popular search engine in the world.

This year itself Google has received more than 360 billion searches and the number is still increasing. Hence showing up on Google results page would be the most beneficial for a business. This is because Google’s inherent traffic itself is high and that can help increase the number of viewers on your website. 

Keyword Optimisation

It is important to understand what exactly a business or a website is optimising for. The simplest answer lies in understanding and recognising the most commonly entered terms in a search engine which are also known as keywords. By incorporating these keywords into their webpage, a business can try and make their content more relevant to the audience’s needs and requirements.

These keywords also refer to those words that a website wants to be ranked on in a search engine results page. For example, an online bridal shop may want to be the most relevant search result when someone plugs in the words “bridal gowns”. 

Hence it is important to identify those keywords which will create the most traffic on your webpage and ultimately lead to the maximum generation of new customers. There are many different aspects to improving and working on keywords and working in line with them can be a game-changer for a businesses revenue model. 


There is no denying that SEO practices can help advantageously change a website. Using SEO has been a market principle that has been tried and tested by most businesses who wish to grow and develop. In case a business cannot figure out how to improve in this field on its own, there are several professional agencies like Marketing Sweet Brisbane SEO services that can be utilised.

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