5 Undeniable Reasons Why You Should Volunteer During College

Volunteer During College

Volunteering is a great way to spend your time during college. Don’t believe us? Here are 5 reasons why every college student should consider volunteer work.

Sometimes it feels like time passes in the blink of an eye. However, it turns out that, each year, we have more than 8,760 hours.

Obviously, you have to spend some of that time sleeping. And another portion is dedicated to work or school.

But, what about those other hours? How do you spend them?

Do you waste time watching TV or mindlessly scrolling through social media? Do you spend your time on valueless activities that don’t add anything to your life?

Have you ever thought about volunteering during those unused hours?

If not, you should consider it! Not only does volunteering offer some self-improvement benefits, but it can also help you build your college resume. Can’t beat that!

So instead of re-watching Friends for the 50th time, you should think about giving some of your free time to people who need it.

Here are a few reasons why volunteering is the perfect opportunity for college students:

1. Explore New Interests

A lot of college students feel lost. If you’re heading into your second or third semester without a clue of what you want to do with your life, volunteering could be a great thing for you.

It’s a fantastic way to explore career paths! There are endless opportunities to volunteer, so select something that interests you and check it out.

After a while, you’ll gain an idea of whether this is something you could see yourself doing in the future.

What’s more, you’ll also gain experience in specific industries along the way. And, you could make valuable connections with professionals in your field!

2. College Benefits

I believe that everyone can benefit from volunteering now and then. But, it has particularly good benefits for college students.

Here are a few examples:

You Can Beef Up Your Resume

It’d be nice to have an impressive CV by the time you graduate, right? Luckily volunteering can help you with that, even if you only do it a few hours a month.

When you interview for a job you’re interested in, hiring managers will be impressed with your volunteering experience. It shows potential employers that you’re self-driven and eager to learn.

So, you should definitely consider donating some time to before you apply for your first job out of college.

You’ll Gain New Skills

Volunteering also helps you learn new things. The skills you acquire could be beneficial in your career.

Think about it:

If you want to become a marine biologist, shouldn’t you have some experience working around animals? You may not be ready for full-time work during school, but you can pick up some relevant skills by volunteering at the local aquarium.

Then, when you apply for your first job (or to grad school), you’ll have a leg up on some of the other applicants. It’s the perfect opportunity to make your resume stand out from the rest!

And, even if you don’t end up working in the same field, it never hurts to build some life skills. Besides, certain skills like public speaking and team leadership will help you in any profession.

3. Form New Connections

Not only is volunteering a fulfilling way to make use of your time, but it’s also the perfect way to form new relationships.

Yes, volunteering to help others also helps you!

While volunteering, you will meet people from all walks of life. You never know who you might meet or how they’ll influence your life.  A new friendship could lead to a full-time job after graduation!

Even if it doesn’t, you’ll still be able to learn from folks working in your industry. You’ll get to know staff members and have the opportunity to ask all kinds of questions.

Maybe someone you meet will even write you a letter of recommendation someday!

4. Learn to Work in a Group

No matter what field you work in, you must be able to work well with others. When you enter the professional world, you’ll have to collaborate with others to achieve a common goal.

It’s not always easy. Personalities sometimes clash, and some people don’t always pull their weight.

That’s where volunteer experience comes in handy.

When you volunteer, you learn how to work with all sorts of people. Together, you come up with solutions and figure out ways to accomplish things.

Ultimately, these experiences will help prepare you for the professional world.

5. Make a Difference

There’s no doubt about it:

The best reason to volunteer is to make a difference in someone else’s life. Don’t ever underestimate the impact your work can have on others.

Nothing feels better than driving home after a long, hard day of donating your time. It’s just so satisfying to know that you made someone’s day a little bit better.

Sure, it’s nice to volunteer to beef up your resume and to make new friends. Beyond that, however, don’t forget that you’re bound to make a difference while volunteering, too.

Trust me:

Volunteering will positively affect you as well, making it a good idea all around.

Giving your time to others can pay off big time. Not only does it offer the opportunity to help others, but it also carries significant college benefits.

By volunteering just a few hours a month, you have the potential to do the following:

  • Make some awesome friendships
  • Give your time to help others
  • Gain life experience
  • Build skills that can help you thrive in the workplace

Plus, it’ll look great on your resume when you start your post-college job search! Everyone needs some relaxation time. But if you’re spending all of your downtime on the couch watching Netflix, consider volunteering. It can improve your personal life and professional life!

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