A Bright Idea: The Importance of Colors in Advertising

Advertising Colors

According to scientists, the human eye can see millions of different colors.

All of those colors in all of the variations create our world. We use colors to distinguish, to beautify, and to communicate. Each color depicts a meaning and can evoke different emotions.

The use of color in advertising is a crucial element. What colors are used can make or break the ad.

Let’s take a deeper dive into colors in advertising.

Subconscious Implications of Color

There is a real psychology of color in advertising. Each different color is regularly associated with a particular mood or emotion.

These are subconscious responses that just happen when we see that color. For example, blue often makes the viewer feel calm but sometimes sad. Or yellow is seen as fun or playful.

The color of an advertisement is often the first thing that the potential customer notices, even before the wording or graphics. This is why understanding the psychological effects of color is super important.

Not only do colors bring out different emotions they can also remind us of things. When you see just the right shade of pink you may think of your grandma’s lipstick. Or when you see red you may think of Target.

Whatever color you choose will become a part of the emotional response to your company, so it needs to send the right message.

Choosing the Right Colors

If we know that color an immediate effect on its viewer, we obviously want to pick a color that will give us the response we want.

When designing a piece of advertising material, it is critical to think about the way colors make customers feel. You don’t want the colors to contradict your branding message.

The first step in choosing the right color is to narrow down exactly what your purpose and mission are. Once you know that you can work through the colors to find just the right fit that promotes that idea.

A yoga studio would want their members to feel calm and relaxed, so they wouldn’t want to pick a color for their advertisements that was loud and crazy. It all needs to fit together to share the same message.

Using Colors in Advertising

Once you have picked your main color stick with it! Allow that color to work its magic and promote what you’re about.

Branding is such a huge part of successful advertising and business, so stay consistent with your color choices. This reliable look will allow customers to spot your advertisements and products quickly, driving up sales.

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Tell the Right Story

The branding of your business is the way that customers know who you are. These elements tell the customer who you are and what you’re about before the products or services do.

It’s so important to make sure that the colors in advertising tell the right story. Focus on the response the color gets and not on the trendiness of that color.

The right color can take you where you want to go! If you want more information about creative work, check out our other articles!

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