4 Free Online Converter tools to Convert Your PDF to Word

Convert Your PDF to Word

Have you ever needed a file to be in a different file format? Didn’t you know that there are many online converter tools out there, and you had to retype everything? If you had tried an online converter before, did these tools yield you excellent results? Was the quality of your original file compromised, and you had to do a lot of reformatting?

Since PDF files are now one of the most used file formats today, it is understandable why we need to know how to convert our files into PDF file format. Online converter tools are a practical way to convert all the files that need to be in a different file format. Especially when our job mainly requires us to convert a lot of documents in a day, and we don’t have to retype or reformat everything just to meet the required file format.

In this article, we will give you four online converters that you can access for free. These are free and will surely save you a lot of time from the hassle of retyping everything and doing some reformatting on your files. 


First on the list is PDFBear, which is a web-based converter tool that you can rely on and be your go-to converter tool. Whether you want to convert PDF to Word free of any mishaps or problems, PDFBear is the one that you need. You wouldn’t encounter any problems while using their services, and you are well assured that all your files are safe and secured in their systems.

There are a lot of file formats that you can convert to and from using PDFBear. Whether you want to convert your PPT to PDF, Excel to PDF, HTML to PDF, Spreadsheet to PDF, and vice versa. The tool guarantees all its users that it can convert your files into your desired file format in just a matter of seconds, regardless of the file size. 

PDFBear’s website also provides you with easy to understand, and straightforward instructions on how you can convert your files. Even a non-tech savvy person would easily understand it, so you won’t have any problems with PDFBear’s conversion tool.


PDFElement Pro is one of the best ways to convert your PDF files to a Word document. The tool gives you full control over your PDF files and enables you to convert your files into high-quality PDFs while keeping the original file’s formatting. You can also use their powerful editing tools when editing your texts, images, and other parts of your files easily.

The recently released PDFElement Pro version helps all kinds of businesses, whether small or medium, reanalyze their workflows. It also offers a more simplified design and a lineup of excellent features. Users can create and edit files with just a single click of a button because of their access to a library of prepared templates. 

Wondershare PDF Converter

If you are looking for another PDF converter that can convert your Word documents, Wondershare PDF converter is another viable contender. The tool’s user-friendly interface enables all its users to easily convert their files into many formats, causing no problems. 

Wondershare PDF converter stands by its name to always provide all its users high-quality conversions with a few clicks on your devices. They have an array of available file formats that you can choose from, Microsoft Excel, Word, Powerpoint, PDF, and HTML. 

Soda PDF Converter

Another considerable and viable contender on the list is the Soda PDF converter. You can access this converter tool anywhere and anytime you want and on any device. You can annotate, read, edit, and make your PDF Files on laptops, computers, or smartphones. You can choose what’s more convenient and works best with you.

The best part of Soda PDF converter is that converting your files into your desired file format can’t get much easier with this converter tool. It doesn’t matter what device you are using, you just have to upload and choose the file format that you want to convert your file to, and Soda PDF converter will do the rest.


You don’t have to worry about anything since all these converter tools that we have listed are all free. With the help of these converter tools, you are well assured that all your files will be converted in no time.

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