How Automation Can Improve Your Clinic Management

Automation is a breakthrough, game-changing process that occurs in all relevant fields of industry, economy, and customer service today. When proclaimed, it implies modernization and vastly increased efficiency that follow hand in hand. But what exactly does it imply in relation to healthcare? And, most importantly, how can automation improve your clinic management? Speaking broadly, […]

Top Reasons Why Identity Verification Matters for Mobile Networks

In today’s world, almost four billion people own a mobile gadget. Everyone has grown dependent on their device to do daily things like online shopping, gaming, e-banking, chatting, emailing, and more. The only caveat is hackers and fraudsters abound, attempting to access valuable information. Mobile Network Operators have beefed up their security with innovative service […]

An Explanation on Working Capital Turnover Ratio in a Business

Every business requires capital to generate revenue. Capital refers to the investment required to run an enterprise. Calculations based on the total sales and the money available for the business reveals crucial information regarding the success or failure of the said business. Working capital turnover ratio is one such calculation, which can determine the profitability […]