9 Web Design Ideas to Brand Your Startup Better

Brand Design Ideas

The market is crowded with copycats and similar products. Standing out from the rest, therefore, becomes vital for success.

A unique and good brand design is one of the ways of making your startup stand out. Most of your prospects are online, and a well-designed website can help get their attention.

But, a lot goes into creating an attractive, optimized, and customer-focused website to get valuable attention online. Here are 9 web design ideas you can use to scale your startup brand online.

1. Use a Simple Design

Startups are known for innovative solutions to complex problems. But, you don’t want to turn your website into another complex problem with tons of pages. You can quickly lose your prospects’ attention to unnecessary details on your website.

You can’t afford to lose a prospect as a startup.

So, your web design firm should strive for a simple, uncluttered website structure. It creates a clear brand identity positioning.

Regardless of how complex your product is, strive to keep it simple. It should take users fewer clicks to access all the information. You can add directional signage further to enhance the site’s navigation and user experience.

2. Include Your Brand Colors

Brand Color

Color is a vital element of web design and brand identity.

Some industries use a specific color to denote their products or services—for example, green for science or blue for tech, hospital, etc. 

You can use color psychology to drive nuanced brand communication by carefully balancing color shades and tones. For example, certain colors are suitable for specific target demographics.

Your favorite color might not necessarily be perfect for your startup brand and your target market. A web design agency New York states that professionals can effectively curate an ideal blend of brand colors to create a memorable startup image. Adding creativity and marketing in the mix further helps create subtle color branding to drive the site’s results. 

Whether it’s your brand logo or overall website, creating a striking colorful design goes a long way in reinforcing your brand visibility.

Sticking to your sector’s dominant color will exude authority and boldness. And knowing your target can help you refine subliminal marketing to create a more memorable startup brand.

3. Use Professional Website Design Companies

It is not easy getting these tips right on your web design project. Some may need custom web designing to capture your unique startup brand.

Also, there are additional design tips that you can still apply to drive your startup brand.

Some of them include content marketing, chatbots, FAQs, intuitive user interface, etc. A professional web design company can unify all the vital elements to elevate design across the whole website.

4. Create a Compelling Hero Statement

You have a fraction of a millisecond to make a first impression on visitors. Users judge you swiftly, and it can be ruthless. A compelling and clear hero statement may be all you need to impress them positively.

A hero statement is the first text and visual elements your visitors meet on your website in web design.

Most startups are known for complex solutions. Your hero statement to make your solution simple, brief, and straightforward. Remember, you don’t have a second chance to make a first impression. So, the visual elements in your hero statement section should be less overwhelming.

Make the hero statement alluring, brief, and straightforward to show your startup’s primary message at a glance.

5. Use Social Proof to Show Brand Reliability

Most startups, like any new thing, are always treated with caution. More than half of traditional competitors are fearful of startups in their space. While there’s little you can do about your competitors’ fear, offering social proof can gain your prospect’s trust.

Testimonials are incredible ways to showcase your brand’s reliability and trust. Also, awards and professional associations can further enhance your credibility.

Including them in your website is critical in your startup brand positioning. More customers trust online reviews, and testimonials can drive over 60% revenue growth. Brand trust, therefore, is vital for startup brand growth and must be included in the website.

Create a detailed and easily accessible testimonial section to showcase your credibility in the market.

6. Place Your Product Centrally

Most startups provide incredible solutions, whether its product or service. So including features of your features on-site is vital for lead generation and conversion.

But the essential part is your solution providing value to your visitors. Users are seeking relevant information that addresses their problems. Your homepage should contain quality information to help them research and learn about your solution and brand.

Besides learning, visitors need to experience how practical the solution you’re offering is. You can show your product’s visuals highlighting key features. Showcasing its intuitive design can prop up its UX level making your visitors engage more.

So, you can introduce your solution or its illustration at the top of the homepage. It lets your visitor know what you’re offering before they scroll down.

7. Creative and Alluring Call-To-Action 

You can include a CTA in the hero statement, middle or bottom page to nudge visitors to act in the desired direction. CTAs are critical elements in the customer journey;

  • They transform visitors into leads.
  • Change leads to customers, and
  • Customers to loyal startup ambassadors.

A compelling and alluring CTA on the landing page can increase your leads and conversation rates. The trick lies in making it attract visitors’ attention. Visual elements and phrases within the CTA button can determine the impact of your campaign.

Use a brief, straightforward phrase and less overwhelming visual elements.

8. Have An Attractive Offer to Drive Conversion


You can drive more conversion rates by including discounts, free trials, freemiums, etc. As mentioned earlier, people fear the unknown and uncertainty. The same applies to a new product or service, especially a product from a startup.

You can apply the psychology of giveaways through crazy offers to make your visitors embrace your product and brand. So, you can tie your CTAs with crazy offers to further move your visitors to the end of the sales funnels and drive conversions.

Take Away

Being different is competitive leverage in a crowded marketplace. So if your startup is in a crowded space, one way of leveling up above the rest is by a unique yet simple website.

A creative website design can enhance your user experience, brand positioning,  product marketing, sales generation, etc. Use these website design tips to scale your startup brand online. 

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