How to Use Financial Influencers to your Benefit

Financial Influencers

Financial influencers are helpful if you need the advice to create and reach your goals. Whether you’re aiming to save for vacation or retirement, here are some ways to use financial influencers to your benefit.

What is a Financial Influencer? 

A financial influencer is an individual on social media who establishes a reputation based on their expertise in finance. Many financial influencers present their knowledge of key concepts to their target audience. 

For example, Stravos Georgiadis is a financial analyst and economist that gives investment advice at industry conferences. He talks about hot investment topics and tips to properly care for your investments and achieve financial independence. Today, he is a brand ambassador for two clothing brands and writes blogs on business, finance, and shopping. 

Impactful financial influencers like Bola Sokunbi and Kelly McClogan have also made strides in getting their message across on financial freedom. Sokubni runs Clever Girl Finance, a financial education platform that’s one of the top personal finance websites for women. The website offers online content, financial literacy courses, and one-on-one mentorship to women intending on building their wealth. McClogan owns a personal finance and lifestyle blog called Freedom in a Budget. This website is a resource to help people change their mindset and become more intentional with their spending.

Even with the number of financial influencers on social media, knowing how to utilize them can make the difference in saving on short-and-long-term expenses. 

Here are three ways to use financial influencers to your benefit: 

1. Follow Influencers With Similar Financial Goals Than You 

If you’re new to using influencers, research influencers who have similar savings goals than you do. These influencers can assist you with understanding basic financial concepts and what you can do to limit spending. This is a good place to start if you’re a beginner because it lets you build a process to learn new information while applying it to your daily life.

2. Find Relevant Content on Multiple Platforms 

When you browse the web and social media, financial influencers should have a steady stream of content for you to read. For example, McClogan’s website includes recent about how to save $500 from your budget right now, tips on building new streams of income, and key learnings since being debt-free. Once you know the influencers who share your goals, look at their published content to find out which pieces resonate with you the most. Noteworthy content can inspire you to take the steps to improve your financial situation. 

3. Interact With Influencers 

Direct message and/or email influencers directly if you want to get personalized advice from them. They set up an individual session with you if they take an interest in your financial situation. When writing your message, showcase your intent to build a relationship with them by discussing an article or a post that impacted you. Try asking a question as the main subject of your email to see if they engage with you. 

If you’re seeking to improve your financial future, check out the information above to get new ideas and change your approach in reaching your goals. 

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