7 ways you can use Shopify to Make Money Online

Shopify to Make Money Online

If you are searching for ways to make easy money online, your search ends here. As of October 2020,  there are over 4.66 billion people active online. Hence your idea of making money online is not just a  daydream but indeed achievable.  

Shopify in 2004, started as a small eCommerce platform that generated 316 billion USD between 2016- 19. Shopify is not only for entrepreneurs but for anyone who wants to make money online. There are  already over 1,000,000 active users using Shopify for boosting their online sales.  

Is making money online using Shopify easy? 

Shopify offers many ways to make money online for anyone with creative and technical skills. If you are  an entrepreneur, making money online using Shopify is easy for small business or a new venture. But  you cannot dream of making millions within a short time as it takes prudent ways to do it. It takes more  than just publishing an online store and waiting for the business to flourish. 

How will Shopify help to make money online? 

You could be an IT professional, marketing executive, or anyone with a regular job, Shopify offers  multipe options for everyone to make money online. It is unnecessary to invest big money to become a  Shopify expert, partner, or affiliate to build an online income stream. With the excellent eco-system,  Shopify has many experts, affiliates, and app partners to help make money online. 

Anyone can start an online business of any type from scratch using this hosted solution. There is no  need to buy any software for web hosting. Now-a-days 87% of the merchants globally use Shopify to  boost their sales online. You could also be one of them to make money online. 

7 ways to use Shopify for making money online 

1. Become an affiliate 

Affiliate marketing is flourishing to become one of the easy and fast ways to make money online. How  can you be part of the Shopify Affiliate Program? All you have to do is apply to becoming a part of the  Shopify Affiliate Program. After Shopify reviews and approves your application, you will get a Shopify  Affiliate link. Promote it across multiple marketing channels like social media that includes Facebook,  Twitter, Instagram, and others along with videos, blogs, websites, webinars etc. 

You will earn 2000 USD for every merchant you refer to Shopify. For enterprise referrals of Shopify Plus  or Shopify Gold referral, you will gain 2000 USD. Shopify generously rewards all its affiliates to earn lots of money. The more merchants you bring to the Shopify platform, the more money you can make  online.  

2. Become an online paid artist 

You may be a photographer, painter, musician, and any other artist, now you can get paid online for  your creativity. It is by starting an excellent eCommerce website using Shopify and its apps like Printful  or Printify and others, you can get a steady revenue stream online. In case you are a photographer, sell  your art as prints, framed posters, canvases, and others. In the case of a musician, sell your beats, songs,  and others as digital downloads. 

3. Become a Shopify Expert 

If you are an IT or marketing expert, you can become a Shopify Expert to earn up to 20,000 USD per  project. There are many categories wherein you can be a Shopify Expert to make loads of money. Many  people need projects done in a short time and with excellent expertise. This includes online store setup  & store design, marketing development, and event photography. 

For those without any technical skills, there are courses to become Shopify Experts. But once becoming  a Shopify Expert, you need to build relationships within the Shopify Ecosystem. It will help you get more  clients and increase earning money online.  

4. Become a freelancer 

Become a freelancer by creating a Shopify Store using apps like Events Calendar, BookThatApp, etc. List  your services like writing, designing, developing, and others as products by disabling the shipping option.  You can help people anywhere in the world with their projects of your expertise. Even for a fresher with  a passion to write, design, or develop, becoming a freelancer helps build a portfolio, gain experience,  and make money online. 

5. Become a Shopify App Partner 

You can become one of the top Shopify App partners who earn a whopping one to two million USD  annually. There are two ways by which you can earn a lot of money by becoming a Shopify App Partner.  One is by creating innovative eCommerce themes and selling them to online stores. You will get 70% of  profit for each sold theme on the Shopify Theme Store. On average, each Shopify Partner selling themes  earns 11,000 USD annually. 

The second way to earn massive money is by creating product apps for selling on the Shopify App Store.  You can use the Shopify API, SDK 3.0 integrations, and others to build apps that the store owners can 

add to their existing storefront. For each of your sold product apps, you will get 80% share of it, and the  top apps are making over 1 million USD in sales annually. To simplify payments, all billings are through  Shopify by a Billing API that you need to integrate to receive the money. 

6. Become an online teacher 

If you are a teacher or have teaching skills, develop an online course, and earn a lot of money online.  Build an online course with Shopify as a product and market it among multiple channels like Facebook  ad campaigns and others to reach the target audience. Then sit relaxed and receive money online for a  long time as more and more people pay you for watching the online course. 

You can set up online courses on the Shopify store with the course content that includes video  recordings, readings, exams and other material for learning. By selling the content access to your  customers you can make money online.  

7. Become a social media seller 

Similar to affiliate marketing, you can create a revenue stream by using your social media followers. You  can use the intro-level Shopify plan that has a particular focus on social selling. It will empower you to  put a “buy now” link in your Facebook or Instagram posts. You will make effortless money online as  people buy products by clicking the link. The more followers you increase, the more will be the online  revenue stream.  

Concluding Remarks: 

We hope that the above seven ways will help you use Shopify to make money online. This article was a  detailed guide for those who do not want any physical store and wish to make money online using  Shopify. For entrepreneurs with small and big businesses, there are floodgates of opportunities offered  by Shopify to earn tons of money online. 

Shopify can end your worries of doing a tedious 9 to 5 job with the above ways of making money online.  But it is how you use your creative and technical skills to do it that will determine continuous success.  Until then, use Shopify to make money online as a side hustle alongside your profession.

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