Top Benefits of Reading NCERT Solutions for Class 8 Maths

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The National Council of Education, Research, and Training, or more commonly known as NCERT is a term familiar to most students. As the most trusted book distributors, NCERT books are prescribed by all schools affiliated with the Central Board of Senior Education(CBSE).

NCERT books are available for all students from classes 1 to 12 and are also helpful for students who wish to appear in other competitive exams. These books cover all the basic concepts and topics included in the CBSE curriculum.

It is a common goal for every student to score well throughout their educational period. Students often look for other reference books for the preparation for their exams and many of these students end up wasting their precious preparation time studying from books that have insufficient, incorrect, or too detailed material. This happens even after teachers regularly emphasize NCERT being the main base for the questions papers. Here are some benefits of preparing for your exams based only on ncert solutions for class 8 maths:

  • The entire syllabus is covered
    NCERT books cover the entire syllabus and every topic that is to be taught under the CBSE curriculum is included in these books. Every concept is explained with respective examples and exercises for practicing. Hence, an in-depth reading or studying from NCERT books will help students answer all the questions in the exam, no matter how they are presented.
  • Prescribed by CBSE
    NCERT books are prescribed by CBSE and are the main resources to be studied from while preparing for board exams. It is recommended by CBSE to thoroughly go through every topic in the books published by NCERT in order to achieve a good score in the board exams.
  • Strict adherence to CBSE curriculum
    Since CBSE personally prescribes NCERT books also because they strictly adhere to the curriculum designed for each standard. Books are written and published according to the guidelines provided by CBSE and hence, these books are inclusive of only material that may appear in the board exams.
  • In-depth knowledge
    The books of NCERT are known to have detailed information about all topics with required examples and activities to develop a better understanding of the concepts. Learning through such in-depth material provides students with more clarity and fewer doubts occur.
  • Questions after every chapter
    To check how much the students are able to comprehend, questions are provided at the end of every chapter in NCERT books. These questions are often framed in a complicated way and appear, as they are, in the board question papers frequently. Solving these questions can help students be prepared even for questions in the exams that are twisted to cause confusion.
  • Most questions are picked directly
    The majority of the questions in board exams are picked directly from the NCERT books with little to no changes made by CBSE. This is often taken lightly although it is a fact that every question is from the content provided in the NCERT books and some questions are in fact given in the exam as they are in the books.
  • Provides authentic information
    NCERT books are carefully designed by many different subject experts who write material that is well researched. The books are published after proper authentication of all information provided.
  • An easy to understand language
    Unlike many other reference books, NCERT develops books that have every topic explained in an uncomplicated and simple language that can be easily understood by everyone. Often students studying from other material end up getting confused with their concepts and can lose marks in the exams.
  • Helpful in saving time
    With language and concepts that are easy to understand and explained in ways to provide complete clarity about all topics, a lot of time is saved for the students while preparing for their exams. Students can further utilize this time to practice topics that require more attention.
  • Exemplar books for extra practice
    NCERT provides exemplars for mathematics and science. These books contain extra problems and exercises in addition to the ones given at the end of the chapters. Solving questions from exemplar books is also important to get a grip on twisted or complicated questions as well as score better in the board exams.
  • Provides knowledge about all fundamental concept
    NCERT books are well-known for publishing books that contain knowledge about concepts from the very basic level. Without a strong base, proficiency cannot be achieved in any subject. Through NCERT books, students can strengthen their fundamental concepts and be able to solve questions at any difficulty level.
  • Helpful during revision
    The questions provided at the end of the chapters are also important to help students be able to revise everything they studied in the chapter. This way, revision is made easier since the knowledge gained is still fresh in the student’s mind. This also helps memorize the material better.
  • Can help score the best percentage
    Preparation from NCERT books is the best way to score well in exams, even in cases of students who find it difficult to score well often. NCERT books will build your base strong enough to be able to solve questions of any difficulty level since the CBSE board exams are solely based on these books only.
  • Better than other reference books
    Since NCERT books strictly follow the CBSE curriculum, they include information on all the topics of the syllabus. Therefore, sticking to NCERT books is sufficient to achieve proficiency in all subjects and there is no requirement to check for material in other reference books.

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