6 Signs Your Pallet Racking System isn’t Safe and May Collapse Soon

Pallet racking systems

Pallet racking systems are designed to offer top of the shelf performance and can support product loads that are multiple times their weight for quite many years. What this means is that pallet rack system collapses are pretty rare. Still, they do occur, and when they do, more often than not, it’s because of mishaps that could have been avoided if the warehouse manager would have been careful enough. That said, here are six signs your current pallet rack system may not be safe to help you stay one step ahead of pallet rack collapses

1. Shaky or Wobbly Pallet Rack System

As noted earlier, a standard pallet rack system is designed to offer high performance, and will seamlessly support heavy product loads for a long time. In that light, a pallet rack should not shake or wobble even when given a firm push. If you find that any of your pallet racking tends to wobble or shake when given a slight or firm push, chances are it lacks shims. Have an expert repair it as soon as possible. A shaky or wobbly rack may not only cause your company lots of money in product damages but also thousands in personal injury compensation if it collapses on any of your workers and he/she decides to sue.  

2. Bent Braces

Another sign your current pallet rack system needs repairs or repairing is bent braces. If the braces are bent, this is a sign you’re overloading the pallet. Considering the crucial role these braces play in a pallet, it would be wise to have an expert look at them immediately.

3. Deflected Beams

Pallet racking beams connectors should be parallel on every upright angle. If you notice any of your pallet rack beams are deflected, this is a sign it is overloaded. Failing to address this as soon as you notice means there’s a high chance the pallet may collapse within the next few days, or depending on how deflected it is, even hours. The best step to take is to have an expert inspect it and conduct necessary repairs.

4. Missing Hardware

If you examine your pallet system and find that it has some missing safety clips or they keep dislodging, this is a sign of improper installation, or someone struck the pallet. As with any other component of a racking system, safety locks are incredibly important in ensuring the pallet remains stable throughout. Therefore, the next wise step would be to get in touch with the installer and have them implement what’s required of them, or if it’s a case of the pallet being struck, have an expert take a look at it.

5. Tight Beams

In a correctly installed storage racking, you should be able to pop the safety clips effortlessly. But if you find that you want a tool such as a hammer to do the same, then it is highly likely the rack has shifted, and at this point, it is quite unstable. You can correct the situation and prevent it from collapsing by fixing the shim or having an expert do the job as soon as possible.

6. In Need of Custom Hardware

Usually, any standard storage rack should have a pallet support that fits seamlessly in both the first and last bays. If you find that you need to customize, then it is likely the rack wasn’t installed correctly, or it has shifted.

Other Signs Your Pallet Rack May Not Be Safe include

  • Different types or sizes of beams in the same bay
  • Damages to uprights
  • Loose floor bolts
  • Frames with improvised joints and splices

If your pallet racking system shows any of the above, it would be wise to have experts from a reputable company such as Speedcrack check it out before it gets out of hand and leaves you with costly damages.

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