5 Ways To Overcome With Your Health Issue During Pandemic

Health Issue During Pandemic

“Health is wealth”, we all have heard this saying sometime or the other. However, when the pandemic struck us and everyone was confined within the house then we realized the actual meaning of it. The stress and strain of work and personal life started to build more and we saw the rise of cases of depression, domestic violence, and suicides. For frontline workers, it was even worse as they were exposed to long working hours and the vulnerability of getting the virus and spreading it. When I talk of frontline workers it not only means the doctors, nurses, police etc but the people indirectly associated with them like the drivers, the surveyors, the top hospital interior designer who had to set up the facilities for maintaining the influx of patients in this crunch time.

The crux of the point is that the pandemic aggravated or pushed our health issue irrespective of where we come from and what we do. Well, as the virus refuses to go and the vaccines not proven for their efficacy it’s sure that staying home and taking precautions would be a thing to practice for some more time. But while we face this we have to make sure that we are not letting the issues on the health front take over us. And keeping that thing in mind we have come up with 5 simple and effective ways that can help you overcome health issues as you battle the pandemic.

Small And Steady

You can not turn from a pot-belly person to a six-pack abs muscular individual overnight or in one day. You would need some time for that. And that is why it is necessary to start with simple and small tasks and keep on moving steadily. Like you can set a daily exercise routine, a daily meal routine, etc, and follow it for a week and see results. This would be better than setting an unrealistic goal of say for example losing 30Kgs in a month and then starving yourself for 1 day and giving up and going back to overeating the next day.

Cook Good Cook Enough

In a pandemic, most of us have got into the eat sleep repeat mode. With no outings and less scope for exercise, we are just eating one of our health and inviting health issues. Well, the pandemic is a time you can cultivate a habit of healthy eating. You might have reasoned that my office schedule is hectic, I have too much work I can’t focus on healthy eating, etc but now you don’t have to. Cook healthy and good food and cook enough so that you can have it at least 2 times a day. Just follow the routine for 21 days and you would have cultivated a habit of healthy eating on the 22nd day.

Mental Health

Mental health has been a domain that is the least talked about and the one affecting the most number of people. We can not shy away from the fact that somewhere or the other we face mental health problems but we don’t pay much heed to them. In this pandemic when we have got the time to spend with our families and loved ones, it is best to talk about mental health and discuss things that have been affecting you and your loved ones. Talk to them share your views, discuss things and if required take the help of a healthcare professional.

This Invisalign dentist in West Point also adds that you shouldn’t ignore your physical health. If you’re unable to visit your doctor personally, ask them if they offer telehealth services. This way they can perform a health checkup remotely.

Stop Being Too Worried

There are things which you have control of and there are things of which you can’t do anything. So, just stop being worried about the Ifs and Buts that are out of your control. Just say to yourself that whatever I have to do I would do best and the rest of the thing on which I don’t have control I hope it would go the best possible way. Just live in the present and don’t jump too much into the future, and if you want to plan for the future then please keep out the negativities.

Change Habits

Pandemic is also a time to build habits that you need in order to live a long and healthy life. Start waking up an hour or an hour and a half earlier than your regular time for leaving for the office and invest that in the workout or simple exercises like walking. Cultivate a habit of walking to nearby locations, taking stairs instead of lifts or elevators, giving your eyes a good bit of time off-screen, etc. These healthy habits if you cultivate during this time would become a part of your routine and would stay with you for the rest of your life.

We, hope you would adopt these simple and effective steps in your routine and would transform your life for the better. Don’t forget to share your views on this.

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