5 Unconventional Ways to Fund Your Business Needs

Business Needs

If you are looking to make your dreams of owning a business into a reality, take the plunge and just get it done. There are many ways to get funding for your business concept without tapping into the usual commercial banking loan that has a long list of requirements. From unsecured business loans to angel investors, there are several creative approaches to help you raise capital for your new venture. You can even use these methods if you are looking to expand your business or if you are going through tough times. Consider the following funding suggestions below to help you out when you require financial assistance for your business purposes:

Use Your Home Equity

If you have been a homeowner for quite some time now, you can tap into your home’s equity to fund your business needs. You can opt for a simple home equity loan, a line of credit, or a cash-out refinance. You have to work diligently to pay your loan because your home serves as your collateral. If you default on this loan, you can end up losing your family home. If you are using your home equity, you will have a fixed-rate loan amount and repayment schedule just like a regular mortgage.

Try Crowdfunding

Thanks to the advent of technology, crowdfunding is now a viable option for many people who want to test their entrepreneurial skills. You set a goal of how much money you want to raise over a specific time frame, and you ask people over the internet to pledge money to your idea. Sites like Kickstarter and GoFundMe are effective ways to raise funds. You can give those who pledge to your new business incentives like giving them a free ebook or a webinar educational course.

Go For an Unsecured Loan

If you have no personal or business assets, you can try out unsecured business loans to help you generate your capital. In this kind of loan, the lender is aware there is a risk that you may not be able to repay the loan. It is for this reason that this type of loan has a very large repayment amortisation with more significant interest rates. This loan is straightforward–you borrow money from a lending institution and make regular payments until everything is paid in full. If you make a delayed payment, you will incur additional charges. Failure to pay will ruin your credit history.

Attract the Help of an Angel Investor

There are several angel investor networks where seasoned entrepreneurs help out newbies start their own business. For this to work out, you must have an excellent marketing plan to present to a potential angel investor. When this investor sees that you have a rock-solid idea, they can help you out by becoming an industrial partner who owns a certain per cent of your business. The best thing about this approach is you get a mentor who can guide you because he or she already has a lot of experience.

Raise Money with the Help of Family and Friends

Another popular way to help you get started is to turn to your loved ones. When you are in a bind, people you care about will most likely be willing to help you out. However, when you ask family and friends to become your creditor, you are infringing on their finances, and you may jeopardise meaningful relationships should you default on the loan.

For this approach to succeed, you must treat it with respect. Prepare all the necessary documents, show them your business plan, draft a contract for protection, and pay on time. The last thing you want is to lose the respect of your loved ones and ruin relationships because you were unable to make smart decisions about your money.

Final Word

This list is not an exhaustive one. If you are searching for a business loan to help you get started or to help you expand your business, there is a broad range of financial options out there. The key is to research and get as much information as you can to help you choose the funding method that’s right for you.

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