Helpful Tricks to Optimise a Good Office Layout

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You and your staff members spend eight hours a day in your office. That’s 40 hours a week and 2,000 hours annually. Looking at those astounding figures, everyone can conclude that your office layout is critical to an excellent working lifestyle.

It is vital to organise the space between your office walls, from setting up your desks to picking the right set of lighting fixtures. All of these will not just influence the aesthetic appeal of your office, but it will also affect everyone’s comfort. The latter is very powerful because it influences how much work gets done. If you are looking to rework your office layout, consider the following tips and tricks below before you make any big purchases.

Make a Layout Plan

Before you even begin shopping, make a plan for everything you need to get done. If you have no clue where to start, consult a design professional that has extensive experience in commercial spaces. It is vital to figure out your budget so you can get a clear picture of what your office design changes will cost.

If you are working with limited money, there is a wealth of information online to serve as your guide. Arranging your office space yourself will be less expensive, but note that it will be more time-consuming for you. It would help if you made a firm decision ahead which route you want to take: pro or DIY.

Consider Your Employees Suggestions

When you are designing a work area, you are not just thinking of yourself. The ultimate stakeholders are your employees. You must consider their requirements. Do they feel too cramped behind their work tables, or do they think that there is too much distraction?

Consider doing a quick poll to see what their concerns are and what kind of space they like. Factor in what they want in your final office design to keep your workers motivated.

Change Uncomfortable Furniture

Before you even begin rearranging the layout of your office, assess first if you must keep or change the existing furniture. Poorly designed desks and chairs can lead to back problems, shoulder issues, and neck pain. Those who are too close to their computers also suffer c syndrome and migraines.

As much as possible, you want to mitigate employee absences due to health-related concerns that are a result of their uncomfortable working conditions. It is necessary to invest in comfortable and ergonomic furniture to do away with these issues. Examine the height, width, and swivel features. Look for lumbar support and good cushioning. All of these factors will save your employees from a world of pain and boost their productivity.

Craft a Variety of Spaces

Include different areas in your office for a better environment. It cannot be all about work because this will lead to burn out. Add collapsible dividers for privacy, as well as a quiet area, a break room, a collaboration centre, or even a game/workout room.

These areas inspire your workers to do their best. Workers that can unwind during the workday are proven to be more efficient and effective. If possible, give them these spaces, so they can manage their time and make downtime choices in order to work optimally.

Take Note of Tech Specs

Before you begin revising your office layout, do not forget to take a look at the technological requirements. Will the phone jacks and cable wires be able to accommodate your new layout plan?

Speak with the IT team or the office engineering department to check how you can best arrange the space. Give everyone access to the tech specs they need to keep doing their work.

Final Word

Your office layout and design matter more than you know it. It can significantly impact the health of your employees, their attitude towards their work, and their performance. Studies show that workers who work in a bleak environment feel trapped, dismayed, unmotivated, and have higher stress levels. Making sure you maximise your office space is a sound plan because it brings efficiency and inspires innovation. A pleasant working environment results in happy employees who are noted to be more productive, effective, and loyal.

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