5 FAQs new agents have about using REALTOR postcards for the first time

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It can be frustrating for new real estate guides to figure out the most effective marketing methods to get new clients in the door. Unless you are already a seasoned agent who has their own client base and a positive standing in the real estate housing world, you basically have to start from the ground up. Avoid losing clients and forgoing a dedicated client base by using highly-effective realtor postcards.

This foolproof marketing method is an easy and fast way to get new customers interested in going into business with you. Instead of having to tell people why you are the best choice for other needs, you can simply use realtor postcards to SHOW them why you are top tier in the housing market.

Just think about it – if you are trying to choose another type of service, whether it be a personal trainer, hairdresser, or restaurant, you want to see why you should choose them. The same goes for choosing a real estate agent – make sure you show those who are searching for houses why YOU are the ideal choice for a real estate agent.

What are realtor postcards?

Realtor postcards are easy marketing methods that real estate agents of all levels can use to promote themselves. However, the best way to use this type of marketing outreach for potential clients and to expand your customer base is as a new agent – this is because you are new in the housing market and most likely want to get your name out there.

What is one of the main benefits of using realtor postcards?

One of the main reasons new real estate agents use realtor postcards is so they can improve their scalability. By using this type of outreach method, you’re able to actively understand the types of clients you will be attracting – no more wondering about the type of return you will get. Instead, you can rest assured that your efforts will be rewarded with an impressive mailing list, new customers, and most of all, new business deals.

What are some common realtor postcards?

Some of the best options for realtor postcards include just listed postcards, just sold postcards, newly listed postcards, market update postcards, automated seller postcards, and overall fun postcards that catch your customer’s attention right away.

What should I include on realtor postcards?

On your very first realtor postcards, it’s important to include a few must-have basic details, such as your contact information, name, business, and any other past sales. Realtor postcards are actually quite easy to make -as long as you add a few must-have pieces of information, you can easily use them as a real estate tool at your disposal.


Realtor postcards are among some of the best ways that new real estate agents can expand their clientele base and get new sales. Be sure to look at the answers to these commonly asked questions before employing this successful marketing tool.

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