Best Residential Areas In The Philippines

Residential Areas

Finding a place to live is one of the most important decisions we have to make. In the Philippines, the two options are rural and urban, and each has benefits and drawbacks. Each urban and rural locations have areas that fit your preferences.

Different factors affect where you would like to live, such as budget, cost of living, career opportunities, and education. It can be challenging to find an area where you can live sustainably. It’s a good thing there have been many ongoing improvements around the country that should make more areas livable.

There is no concrete definition of a livable place, but experts say it has to have known factors promoting livability. Here are the best residential areas in the Philippines that have them.


Besides being known as the nation’s summer capital, Baguio also has a booming economy conducive to emerging businesses. It’s also a center of education and trade that complement’s their diverse culture. Moreover, with their government’s ongoing expansion of utilities and public infrastructure, the city is on an upward trajectory, making them more appealing for potential residents.

So aside from being a great tourist destination, they are a rising city in terms of livability. Their appeal is rising as a residential area and will continue to do so if they maintain their current path. They also have cooler weather throughout the year, if you prefer living in a less humid place.


The province of Cavite is home to various growing cities that promote livability. Cities such as General Trias and Carmona are increasing their housing, commercial, and transportation capacity. As a result, their potential as a better living space grows continuously, making them a suitable choice of residence.

There are promising private residential areas around the province with excellent amenities. A good example is the Ciela at Aera Heights in Carmona. Besides rural development, Cavite is also nearer the Metro Manila, which is an added advantage if you frequent the capital.


Cebu City and the nearby metropolitan cities have an abundance of offers for people looking for a home. Besides a good city life, you can also enjoy famous natural tourist attractions. It also provides access to great urban services and high-end shopping malls.

Cebu has the best that both urban and rural areas can offer. It’s a developed city that has everything for citizens of different classes. So if you want to experience what peak progress looks like outside of Luzon, Cebu City is the place to live.


Switching to Mindanao, Davao is also another nice city to reside in. It has a fast-growing economy easily accessible via all means of travel. Like Cebu, it has the ideal balance between urban accessibility and nature.

Another quality of Davao is its claim to fame for being one of the safest cities in the Philippines. There you can enjoy the cities assets and amenities without worrying about safety. Besides that, they also have clean air and a relatively low cost of living than other big cities in the country.


A livable city is somewhere you can live well. That doesn’t necessarily mean being near high-end shopping malls or international schools, but also somewhere you can be at peace even without certain privileges. Depending on your needs and preferences, these are the cities where you can live and enjoy living in the Philippines.

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