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The nowadays WordPress market is overflooded with ready-made solutions for creating outstanding websites. While this is an excellent opportunity for you to choose from a broad range of tools, it is an issue at the same time. Here’s the kicker: picking the right tools for your WordPress app from such diversity can be a complicated task.

Let’s discover 4 astonishing WordPress plugins that can bring your website development to an entirely new level.

1. CSS Hero

CSS Hero is an exceedingly useful WordPress plugin for ones looking for intuitive CSS adjustments. This tool enables you to modify your page styling via the user interface. Perform all needed CSS changes with convenient point-and-click inputs, forms, dropdowns, and color pickers.

What is even more fascinating about CSS Hero is its real-time functionality. You can edit your WordPress page style right on the page and instantly view the results. This significantly accelerates your development process and allows you to spend more time on what really matters.

2. Health Check & Troubleshooting

Health Check plugin is an optimization tool. The plugin provides experienced WordPress users with multiple software health check features. These include but are not limited to the following:

  • CMS, framework, and plugin versions check. Health Check displays versions of your plugins, MySQL server, PHP, and many other traditional WordPress technologies;
  • Error search. The plugin runs a thorough application health check to discover the poor performance reasons. You can see all the issues in the Health Check console;
  • Vanilla WordPress functionality. With Health Check, you can disable all your plugins, extensions, services, and other external software. This way, you restore a pure WordPress application, which you can gradually add external code to. This technique enables you to figure out which plugins and services cause the most trouble to your website performance.

On balance, if you seek optimization plugins, consider Health Check a competitive tool for your performance improvement arsenal.

3. UpdraftPlus

UpdraftPlus is a website backup plugin. UpdraftPlus makes it simple to backup your application files to most popular cloud storage services, such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Amazon S3, Rackspace Cloud, and many more.

UpdraftPlus is a convenient way to backup your website content before a substantial update to make sure you always have a plan B in case of an emergency. We all know that even a slight careless update may cause a website meltdown. Having a full copy of your content prevents application downtime and wins you some time to fix a problem.

Moreover, UpdraftPlus exposes backup scheduling functionality. The plugin lets you schedule regular backups to have an up-to-date reserve copy of your website ready to recover the production environment.

4. Query Monitor

Query Monitor is a WordPress tools panel. It allows you to perform advanced debugging of your website back-end. Here are the technologies you can monitor and improve with Query Monitor:

  • Ajax and REST API calls. No more terse default server errors with no useful information. Debug your API calls conveniently with Query Monitor;
  • PHP back-end. Fix your PHP errors, optimize PHP actions and hooks to reach the best performance possible with Query Monitor;
  • Localization. Manage your translation files and functionality, eliminate bugs, and improve your website health;
  • Database queries. Find room for improvement in your DB queries with Query Monitor. Filter your queries by query type and the source plugin sending the query.

On the whole, if your WordPress solution lacks DB performance, give Query Monitor a try.

The Bottom Line

Remember: even the best WordPress plugins cannot make a difference if used improperly. Decide on what you want to achieve with your development tools and pick suitable ones for your needs.
Alternatively, you can hire a software development company to assist you in selecting the best WordPress plugins for you. After all, you can order a custom plugin development if you are looking for unique functionality with custom settings. Build your projects with passion and strive to make the industry a better place. This way, success will always be only a matter of time for you.

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