4 Most Commonly Asked questions While Purchasing The Best Inverter For Your Home

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Buying a new inverter or a home UPS unit can be one of the best decisions. This will protect your family and home from the never-ending power outages and let you enjoy a hassle-free summer season. Inverters and UPS units assist households, buildings, and offices in generating and converting current in order to provide them with uninterrupted power even during power outages.

Investing in the best inverter available in the market is one of the simplest ways you can get your money’s worth and enjoy the maximum uninterrupted power supply. However, while looking for the best inverter for your home, it is common to stumble upon some questions that may pop up. It may be related to finding the best inverter, understanding its features, capacity, type, technology, durability and more.

Here are some commonly asked questions about buying the best inverter from various homeowners like you to make the process a breeze for you.

Commonly Asked Questions While Buying The Best Inverter

1. What Is The Difference Between Sine Wave and Square Wave Inverter?

The fundamental operation of an inverter is to convert the direct current stored in the battery to alternating current – thus generating electricity that you use for your appliances. The main differential point between sine wave and square wave technology inverters is the waveform of the output that is received from the inverter.

In a square wave inverter, the output produced from it switches between – positive, negative, and zero voltage states. Whereas in a sine wave inverter, the technology is similar to that of a grid and replicates an actual sine wave output. Professionals in the field advise people to buy sine wave inverters as they are amongst the best inverter types for home use. This is because they are quieter and safer in comparison to square wave inverters.

2. Which Kind Of Inverters Are Suitable For Areas With Frequent Power Cuts and Lesser Voltage?

When you live in an area with more frequent power cuts, it is advised that you purchase the best inverter battery with a fast charging speed. This will help ensure your battery charges at a higher speed so that you can utilize maximum power backup in the next power cut.

In areas with a low input voltage, current from the inverter to the battery being used gets decreased. In addition, the inverter takes a lot of time to charge due to the low charging current as the process happens extremely slowly. So, while you buy the best inverter for your home, it is important to keep in mind the charge current at lesser input voltage and maximum charge current that the inverter is equipped with.

3. What Are Smart Inverters?

In this technologically inclined era, all your devices and appliances are equipped with smarter and more efficient technologies. When it comes to inverters, you can see that there are various new types and kinds of inverters with different technologies that are available in the market.

The best inverter for your modern home should be a smart inverter, as it can help you make your life easier with new-age functions. Smart inverters are equipped with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity which makes them more consumer-friendly. The best inverters are also connected to mobile applications to show you real-time updates regarding the power backup like charging time, backup time & load running on inverter. 

4. Where Can You Find The Best Inverter For Your Home At An Affordable Price?

It is important to trust brands that are an innovator in the field of home power backup systems. Buying the best inverter is a critical investment for your home, so you must first realize your unique requirements to identify the ideal solution for your household. While you are at it, you can explore options in batteries and invert types from reputable brands like Luminous. They offer a huge variety of inverters and batteries to fulfil every home owner’s power backup needs. The best part? They deliver high-quality products at competitive prices, so everyone can find what they need!

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