4 Best Money-Saving Tips in 2021

Money-Saving Tips

Looking to save some serious cash this year? Whether you’re a savvy bargain-hunter, or you’re saving for something special, these tips are gold! The best news is, they don’t take long, and they’re easy to do. Read on for serious savings!

Compare prices & plans.

The market is ever-changing, yet many consumers are paying the “loyalty tax”. Remember, your bank, phone company, credit card company, and electricity retailers all want to keep you! And they’ll frequently offer you discounts to do so. Look around on the Internet using price comparison sites to find deals like the cheapest electricity and gas, and ring up your provider and ask them if they can price-match. If not, it’s time to think hard about what the benefits are of staying. What does your provider offer in non-financial terms? They may have a higher monthly or annual fee, but offer rewards, discounts, and coverage that make it worthwhile. Understanding your plans and your options is a great way to save hundreds. And it’s easier than you’d think! To have access to vouchers which you might be needing, visit ShipTheDeal.com to save a huge amount of money.

It takes a village.

Ever feel like you’re spending all day in the kitchen, yet throwing out a ton of leftovers? A great way to overcome this is to form a cooking co-op with a few other people you trust so that you’re enjoying a variety of delicious fresh foods. Your health should eat a variety of nourishing things (eat the rainbow!) and you can learn all about local and international dishes you’ve never encountered before. Wouldn’t you love to know what your friends are home-cooking? With a bit of coordination, it’s never been easier and more affordable. And less food wastage, to boot!

Compare fuel prices.

Many of your living costs are associated with complicated plans and various conditions. Not good ol’ fuel. You know what kind of fuel is right for your car, and it comes with a unit price. This is the easiest shop-around in town! Check out pages like Motormouth for the lowest rates near you.

Half-price for life.

What’s better than getting your household essentials (or luxuries) at half-price? Most of the major supermarkets offer generous half-price deals; time your shopping to take advantage of this. When it comes to laundry liquid and bog roll, #neverbuyretail!

We hope this guide has helped spark ideas for how you can live your best life on a budget in 2021! Keep an eye fixed on our blog for more updates.

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