3 Crypto Poker Strategies


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably already heard of something called crypto poker. This modern twist on regular poker rooms has taken the world by storm.

Enthusiasts and professional players are now both diving into this crypto-powered hobby, as it allows you to play, have fun, and earn a profit from your living room. With added advantages and traditional rules, it’s a fact that crypto poker is here to stay.

While relatively unknown to the mainstream up until a few years ago, the technological breakthrough called blockchain poker has now amassed a huge fan base across the world, as players saw the opportunities provided by the increasingly popular online format.

Crypto Poker Explained

Sure, it sounds great but what is crypto poker anyway? Is it just a scam or is it the next big opportunity for players to cash out while having fun at any place and at any time?

To put it simply, this is almost the same thing as traditional poker, except it relies on blockchain technology and the use of cryptocurrencies as opposed to traditional currencies and in-person play. It is easily accessible, always available, decentralized, and transparent.

No wonder it has already been named the future of gambling, as the fact that it is more anonymous, safe, protected, and fully encrypted are only some of the reasons why you might end up choosing it as well, in addition to great user experience and big rewards.

How Safe is Crypto Poker?

Well, the first thing is that crypto poker allows players to remain anonymous, keeping their data safe, protected, and hidden from the eyes of the world. This is not the case with traditional playing, as your bank and people in the game know you like to play.

Due to this factor of privacy, many players have completely turned to crypto poker, keeping in mind that blockchain technology has no central oversight authority but is heavily decentralized across the world.

Advantages of Crypto Poker

Bearing in mind the fact that it is safe, anonymous, decentralized, and private, this variant is also much more efficient when it comes to fees and transactions. See, unlike fiat currencies whose transactions might be a days-long wait, transactions here are super fast.

Cryptocurrencies allow for past payout. We’re talking anywhere from a couple of minutes to half an hour.

Also, if you’re usually haunted by your poker face skills, you do put that fear to rest and focus on your cards and your opponents. Why? Because no faces are shown. Also, games are fair and nothing is left up to the possibility of human error so it all comes down to skills.

Best Crypto Poker Strategies

An aggressive style of play usually pays off in crypto poker. What is meant by this is that you will want to play fewer hands, but play them more aggressively when you do. Of course, one of the most used strategies here is to play few but strong hands exclusively.

This strategy is especially important in case you are just starting because you want to avoid the scenario in which you play too many average hands and end up amassing losses. By playing aggressively, you can get your opponents to opt-out, preventing their win.

If you can’t win the money, don’t lose the money and fold. Being determined and bluffing can go a long way, but don’t get carried away into huge losses. Calling too much might mean money down the drain. Hence, when necessary, fold as this too is an essential skill in poker.

While we’re talking about aggressive play, you also want to use your draws for an aggressive bluff. Bluffing is essential to poker, and crypto will allow you to practice without ever showing your face. Also, be mindful of the overcard bluff as a widely used strategy.

While you might be eager to round up fast and easy wins, you should look at it from a more long-term perspective. Given that this is a relatively new type of poker, it is understandable that it will take time to figure out how to beat your opponents – if you’re serious about it. A thing you should immediately start investing in is learning all of the most used crypto poker expressions. Knowing this particular lingo will allow you to understand fellow players, their moves, and their mindsets, as well as tips and tricks across a span of forums.

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