5 Steps to Better IT Support in a Small Business

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IT support is most certainly one of the most important aspects of any business. It provides the structure and capabilities for a company to work in today’s dynamic business world, for it has reached a point where technology is so integrated that its hard not to work without technology. Information is critical for a business, and a good IT service ensures that it is being utilized in the most efficient way.

Many small businesses tend to disregard their IT, mainly because the work involved with it is usually not directly related to the main operations of the company – because of this, they tend to deprioritize it. However, there will be a point where every small business will need to take serious steps to ensure their IT support is up to scratch. TechQuarters, a Managed IT Support London company, had much to say about what a small business needs to do to have a solid IT support department.

Case Management System

As a reliable IT Support Company, TechQuarters knows that the foundation of IT support is in a reliable case management system. When users experience problems, they want an easy way to contact their support provider, they want to be able to speak to an IT specialist as quickly as possible, and they want to know how long the fix will take. This information should all be provided with a good case management system.

Provide Troubleshooting Information

A good IT department knows they need to stay on top of cases to run efficiently. This could become difficult if users resort to contacting the department with every single tech issue they experience. This is why it is important to provide information for the company on things like known bugs and errors related to the systems the company uses, some common solutions to attempt, etc. With any luck, users will be able to fix at least some of their tech issues themselves, thus lowering the strain on the IT department.

Know when to recruit help

Many businesses have both internal and external IT services. For example, many businesses opt to use TechQuarters’ IT managed services London package, even though the have an IT department as well. The advantage this has is that the overall pressure on IT departments lowers when you have a partner to work with, and it also means that the demand for IT support will never outweigh the available resources – this is an excellent solution for businesses that experience considerable growth.

Offer Remote Support

While providing IT Services London-based companies have relied on heavily over the last 18 months, TechQuarters has seen the necessity for flexible support solutions. With many businesses have gone remote due to COVID-19, there is a demand for support that can be delivered remotely. This is much easier these days, thanks to solutions like Cloud Migration, and remote control apps for IT engineers. With more and more users opting to work from home, they can’t be left hoping that their IT will fix themselves – remote support is critical in these times.

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