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Creating a short code in WordPress is not easy to implement and at the same time this is also essential for building a block.
But, using WordPress shortcode function, WordPress makes it simple to create.

Here, you will know how to create your own shortcode using a simple example.

Let’s make a plugin that display a text on any page or post.

In WordPress plugin, there is already a predefined shortcode function for creating a shortcode.

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So, using this shortcode function, you can define a handler function that parse the shortcode and then return the output.

First you need to register a shortcode using add_shortcode() method.

For e.g.

add_shortcode( <shortcode_name>, <handler_function>);

<shortcode_name> (required, string) : This is a string which to be searched in the post.

<handler_function> (required, callable) : This is a hook to run when a shortcode is found.

Make the shortcode in your plugin file or in function.php file so that this can be usable for all space.

Plugin Name: Data Fetch
Plugin URI:
Description: WordPress collection data from database using a shortcode
Version: 1.0
Author: Namaste UI
Author URI:

if ( !defined( 'WP_FD_ABSPATH' ) )
define( 'WP_FD_ABSPATH', plugin_dir_path( __FILE__ ) );

function wp_data_fetch(){
echo "Your functionalities here.";
add_shortcode('data_fetch', 'wp_data_fetch');

(a) Create a function first called “function wp_data_fetch()”.
(b) Then using wordpress handler, “add_shortcode” define your function in it and in your admin post or Page use “data_fetch” as short code [data_fetch].
(c) As a result the value which is written will be showed on that post or page.

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