4 Best Plugins to Build Mobile App for Your Existing WordPress Site

Build Mobile App

Contemplating the need of today’s users who prefer internet browsing, online shopping, appointment booking and more using mobile devices, it’s time to develop a mobile app for your existing WordPress site whether availing WordPress development services or by going through DIY method. As time is transforming day by day and augmentation in mobile usage cannot be avoidable. 

Hence, you can either hire a WordPress development company just to carry out your mobile app launching for your WordPress site or can go with a DIY option if you encompass sufficient technical skill-set.

So, before your competitor wins the game, just learn how to build a mobile app for your WordPress site. 

As WordPress offers over 55,000 plugins for a variety of solutions that you can choose from, there are numerous plugins built to convert your site into a mobile app for improved user experience and to accelerate your business expedience:


With AppExperts, businesses can convert their WordPress site into an app for iOS or Android. It’s a fairly detailed plugin that lets you manage the app’s content and create the home page and navigation bar. The framework is flexible, so you may add pages, menus, and other sections like WordPress.

APPExperts’ mobile solutions empower businesses. This WordPress mobile app builder plugin can build iOS and Android apps. The application builder plugin allows you to customize the splash screen, icon colours, taxonomy, language support, and other app features.


AppPresser is the most popular premier plugin that helps to easily create an app for your WordPress website. It offers a sturdy and user-interactive theme with a visual app customizer to easily transform your app’s appearance. This WordPress plugin enables you to customize in terms of changing color combinations, adding custom pages, retrieving content, integrating push notifications and more. 

With a few technical know-how, you can develop an interactive and innovative mobile app for your WordPress platform or else can always avail solution from one of the top-notch WordPress development services providers.


The next name that comes in this list is MobiLoud. This plugin can be availed and leveraged in two different modules as per your app domain exigency: one is to deploy blog or news niche application, and another one to develop e-commerce applications using WooCommerce. 

You can make effective use of this plugin to enable push notifications, placing mobile ads, ensuring analytics, optimizing app, and branding. MobiLoud ensures its compatibility for both the Android and iOS platforms to ensure wider user engagement.


Androapp can be a proven deal for those who need to provide exuberant support to their users or customers. This plugin comes with plenty of things to imbibe and configure for your mobile app including multiple themes, offline & even international support feature, limitless push notifications, social sharing and more. Besides, Androapp is not useful for e-commerce or shopping site owners as it doesn’t demonstrate its compatibility with the WooComerce eCommerce plugin

Hence, deploying an app for your WordPress site utilizing this plugin can be a worthy deal for bloggers and service providers. You can submit your app on both the Playstore and Appstore with a bit of technical skill-set but if you can’t, you can outsource any of the premier WordPress development service companies to undertake your app development for your WordPress site. 


So, the next name that exhibits its importance in this list is WPApp.Ninja enables developers or users (with technical capabilities) to configure your color appearance, upload app icons & buttons and more. Leveraging this solid plugin also ensures its support to Google analytics, offline content management, and compatibility with other useful WordPress plugins.

Developing an app for WordPress site using this rocking plugin would be quite simple as every configuration can be done using the admin area. If you think it’s your cup of tea, go through that and implement your application today or else going with one of the optimum WordPress plugin development firms can be a smarter choice for your enterprise.

Thus, with a few technical expertise, you can build own app for your WordPress web portal. But do now worry, if you do not imbibe technical skills, you can take recourse of any surpassing WordPress development company to build a remarkable mobile app for your ordinary WordPress site.

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