How to disable jQuery animations

disable jQuery animations

The method is used to globally enable or disable jQuery animations whose default value is false which allows animations to run normally.

Syntax: = true|false;
$ = true|false;

The true value specifies that the animations should be disabled and the false value is default value which specifies that the animations should be enabled.

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Example to enable or disable jQuery animations:

<button id="disable">Disable</button>
<button id="enable">Enable</button>
<button id="toggle">Toggle animation</button>
<div style="background:#C2C2C2;height:100px;width:100px;"></div>
$("#disable").click(function(){ = true;
$("#enable").click(function(){ = false;

In this way you can enable/disable the animations by setting the property to true or false.

Go to jQuery reference for more information.

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