How to disable jQuery animations

jQuery serialize()

The method is used to globally enable or disable jQuery animations whose default value is false which allows animations to run normally.

Syntax: = true|false;
$ = true|false;

The true value specifies that the animations should be disabled and the false value is default value which specifies that the animations should be enabled.

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Example to enable or disable jQuery animations:

<button id="disable">Disable</button>
<button id="enable">Enable</button>
<button id="toggle">Toggle animation</button>
<div style="background:#C2C2C2;height:100px;width:100px;"></div>
$("#disable").click(function(){ = true;
$("#enable").click(function(){ = false;

In this way you can enable/disable the animations by setting the property to true or false.

Go to jQuery reference for more information.

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