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Onboarding process

Do you think one will join a company only for the salary?  So what is that “something” that an employee wants? Well the answer for this is a good Employee Onboarding process. This process is done to keep the employee engage in the organization and retain them for the longer period of time.  This helps to make the employee learn about the company and its function on their first day.  The first day of the employee is quiet confusing and at the same time it is very special.  Confused about many things. He or she will try to make it special by being in the best form. In this situation the onboarding process will play a vital role. The employer should understand this and act accordingly. Employer should prepare the other colleagues for the new employee. Employer introducing new member to everyone, making him aware of the culture and environment, goals  of the company.  Mission and values of the company. Welcoming them with a short, sweet and customized note for them, meeting them at the entrance with a happy face with a lot of excitement and positive vibes and make them the priority of the day and congratulating them for their new job at their organization. This makes them feel important. And also improves their engagement. Allowing them some time before starting their work for the day. Going along with them for some tea or coffee and having a free talk.  The employer should act as a mentor to the new employee. The employer also provides information on how the employee can be productive in their work.  Talking to them about the growth and development of  in the organization, working hours of the employee. Telling them about the HR policies. Introducing them to the HR and making them aware of the environment of the office. Advising them on some areas. Building a good rapo with the employee. It boosts the morale. Taking care of them. Having a one on one conversation. Providing them a virtual tour of the organization. Asking them to submit their bank details for salary transfer, their other documents and other paper work. Giving them their log in id, their punching card.  Informing them on what all things employee is going to get training.  Giving them payroll information. Making a personalize experience to them. Telling them about the holidays, leaves, dress code and so on. Providing information about the higher authority and also to introduce them to the managers of the department. Telling them about the core work and dealings of the organization. Telling them about the different departments in the organization in general. Allowing them to ask questions  about the organization and  keeping the employee sorted and clear about everything in their minds. Keeping their work space neat and tidy. Taking  them  to their desk, handover them their responsibilities of their job and what role they will be playing.  Giving them a proper description of their work, objectives of the task and how the projects are run.  Telling them their work priorities if multiple tasks are assign to them. Making them aware of the incentives, extra facilities from the organization, bonus, etc if any. Helping them with the software and/or machine they will be working on. Explaining them  the features and its functions. Giving them a demo representation of it, giving them data or references to work on. Making them aware about what all are the things expected from their work and giving them their daily targets. Introducing them to the their team. Motivating them and giving them confidence that they do a great job. Follow-up their first day work and give them their performance review. Assigning one person so that they can look forward to them with their doubts. Asking people sitting next to them to help them in case they need anything. Telling them to take proper breaks, refreshments and lunch time. This  will help to improve the productivity of the employee and keep them motivated throughout the day. Helping  them to make good relations with the existing employees so that they can merge well in the organization. Introducing  them to the members whom they will report daily.  Telling them to maintain their work records for themselves. Employer should also ask the employee about their talents and passion so that they can use it effectively and smartly when time will come. Employer can also provide them with some useful equipment like water bottle, bag, diary, pen, laptop may be their personal coffee mug having their name on it etc. Keeping a track on their work. Helping out with their tasks. Making them comfortable so that they will feel good and there will be a scene of belonging towards the company. Successful onboarding can attract better candidates to work for the organization.  

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