Xamarin: Explore Why it is Perfect Option for Developers for Developing a User-Centric Application


Everyone in this modern world owns smartphones because it offers more convenience to them. According to a Statista report, the number of people owning their own smartphone worldwide is estimated to surpass three billion and this number is expected to jump to several hundred million in the nearby future.

People have access to everything these days, access to the internet has increased the performance of mobile devices, it is expected that there are around 3.9 billion internet users worldwide who are using the internet for increasing the performance of their smart devices, its connectivity, and capacities.

Know Why Developers Prefer Xamarin for App Development

Nowadays most of the people have a habitat to use the various applications to complete their daily tasks more effectively and smoothly. During one of the surveys, it was found that users downloaded around 21.3 billion apps from Google Play in 2019 and this number is expected to increase more in the nearby future. As the demand for applications serving various purposes is increasing with each passing day it becomes mandatory for the app development company to find the best ways to develop a user-centric application that can fulfill all the demands of the users.

The increasing demand gave birth to various app development frameworks that can be used to develop native as well as cross-platform based applications for the users. The journey of app development framework has started with Titanium and PhoneGap which was used to develop cross-platform based mobile application but later on, various frameworks like ReactNative, Flutter, Ionic, etc came into existence which not only eases the development task of the developers but also saves their time and efforts.

During the survey, almost 10.5% of developers respondents agree that they used ReactNative as app development framework while almost 6.5% of developers agreed that they are using Xamarin for app development, this number is expected to increase rapidly in the near future as more and more developers these days are turning their face towards this advance and useful frameworks because it offers various benefits to them. Let’s have a quick glance over a few of the benefits which the mobile app developers get while they use Xamarin as an app development framework.

Benefits Offered by Xamarin: Making It the Best Choice for Developers

There are plenty of ways for developing a user-centric application but when you choose hybrid app development for your application development then using Xamarin can prove to be the best choice. Xamarin also provides various advantages when choosing for cross-platform, developers can reuse maximum code, saves time and efforts, etc. In 2017, it was found that Xamarin’s products were used in 120 countries by almost 1.4 million developers. And later on February 24, 2016, Microsoft announced that Xamarin is one of the best choices for mobile app development and hence like to sign an agreement to acquire Xamarin.

Act as Complete Cross-Platform Development Kit

Xamarin is one of the best options for the developers these days for building a user-centric application for the users, it provides a technology stack to the developers using which developers can easily craft excellent eventbrite clone for any of the development platforms. For developing the application for any of the platform developers can easily use programming languages like C# or F#.

Developers who are familiar with various concepts like tasks, links, generics, etc can use this framework easily for application development, this can ease their development of efforts and speed up the development process. They can use integrated development environment(IDE) to write the code for the application, Xamarin framework offers IDE to the developers which ease their development task, hence it’s not wrong to say that this advance framework acts as a complete cross-platform toolkit for the developers who use it for app development.

Offers Access to Share Code Across Platforms

While using Xamarin developers can easily share code across platforms as it offers them the access to share code as per their requirement. They can use several ways to share the code across platforms like Portable Class Libraries, .Net Standard Libraries, Shared Projects, etc, doing so they can enhance their development speed.

Apart from that if the developers use newer Xamarin. Forms framework for developing the application on the various platforms then they can share the same code base across platforms much faster than ever before. They can reuse the code for developing the application as per their requirements and can complete the development task within the estimated time.

Speed Up Development Process

Xamarin speeds up the development process as the developers can reuse most of the code as per their requirement. Development costs and efforts reduce while developers use this app development framework for developing the application. If the developers are familiar with all the concepts of C# and understand .NET then they can code easily and speedily then before ever using this advanced framework.

Xamarin app development framework speeds up the development of the developers if they can use the same code for Android, iOS, and other development platforms and can result in a reduction in overall development costs. Developing applications with Xamarin is quite easier for the developers than ever, it also helps developers to abstract plugins and libraries as per their app development requirement.

Easy App Update

Developers can easily update the application which they have developed using the Xamarin app development framework. developers get advanced features while they use Xamarin’s SDK, this allows them to easily update the existing application without any hassle. By making some of the changes in the code they can easily get better working applications then the developed one, developers can also make updates in the live application using the Xamarin app development framework.

Ending Note

Most of the developers worldwide are facing various problems and challenges these days, In the survey which was generated on April 2015, almost 57% of software developers respondents that they face challenges when it comes to staying updated with new programming languages, tools, and frameworks, but some of them also offer convenience to them and Xamarin is one of it.

Xamarin is an advanced app development framework that uses programming languages like C# and offers unique UI and API tools to the developers which helps them to develop a user-centric application that offers the best experience to the users and performs well on their preferred device.

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