Working From Home? 4 Reasons Why a Wireless Office Headset Will Save You Money

Wireless Office Headset

Have you taken the plunge by starting your business venture?  If you are like most entrepreneurs, you have probably started working from home to save on rental costs. 

Your home office setup is very similar to what you have been accustomed to in the corporate world – that includes a computer, a sturdy office table, a lamp, a mug, and a phone.

For your business, however, you will need a dedicated phone line to take business calls.  And a wireless office headset will be one of your best investments. 

Here are four reasons why a wireless office headset will help in saving money for your startup business.

Your productivity will increase

The key to a successful business is by having satisfied customers.  Having a wireless office headset will boost your productivity.  With a headset’s noise-canceling feature, you will hear your customers better – their needs and even their complaints.  They will also hear your voice clearly, avoiding unnecessary misunderstanding.

While waiting for your suppliers or customers to attend the call, a wireless office headset will leave your hands free to continue typing an email, read, take notes, or reach for the necessary documents.  You can stroll to the kitchen and prepare yourself a sandwich or even a quick cup of coffee.  Most wireless headphones have a hearing range of 30 feet or more, which is more than enough if you are working from a small home.

Moreover, you will receive less voicemail once you are more available to receive calls.  You will save time otherwise spent on returning calls.  Most importantly, you can lose potential clients by not taking calls.

So overall, your profit margin will increase once you have gained a loyal following of customers.

You will enjoy a better work-life balance

One of the reasons why you may have left the corporate world is to spend more time with the family. 

A wireless office headset, being lightweight, can be brought along while you are running house errands and traveling with the family.  With chores done during weekdays, there is less traffic – meaning, less gas consumption.

Wearing wireless earbuds while in a meeting will also keep your hands free in case older family members need urgent attention at home.  Hiring a caregiver may no longer be necessary.

You will save on medical expenses

According to a survey, more Americans are experiencing lower back pain, headaches, and neck pain.  One culprit is the usage of non-wireless standard phones.

Cradling a phone for long hours will result in neck and back pain. That is why medical practitioners recommend the usage of a wireless office headset to avoid neck pain from getting worse. 

Moreover, with a cordless headset, you can sneak in a bit of exercise while working.  Stretching, jogging, and lifting weights will reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. 

Another benefit of having a wireless office headset is that you can cook healthy meals at home while talking to your clients. Enjoying nutritious meals, along with exercise, will help you maintain a healthy weight.

You will save precious time and money in visiting doctors, gyms, restaurants, and massage therapists.

You save from flexible shopping options

Getting a wireless office headset does not have to be expensive.  If you have not yet decided on a suitable model, you can rent with fellow entrepreneurs as a group. Or, you can try out a new headset from their clearance collection. However, if you wish to upgrade, there are options to sell or trade-in your old headset. 

With all these benefits, getting a wireless office headset is the next logical step to equipping your business.  Find one now.

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