How Long Does It Take to Create a Ludo Game App?

Ludo Game App

Playing online games has become a strategy to escape reality or kill time. Online gaming with distant players is a popular activity for individuals worldwide in this era of the virtual world. And ludo game development companies are doing wonders in this field with the popular ludo game apps. Games like ludo and other online games are today accessible through both mobile and pc with smooth configurations.

With Ludo’s hybridization of conventional and ancient game rules, the modern game application Ludo has maintained a strong foothold in the gaming industry. The rules and aesthetic of the Ludo game are followed strictly in this game. People playing their luck depends on the outcome of the Ludo’s dice and how well they maneuver the tokens.

However, this article will focus on the ludo game app.

Attributes of the Ludo Game App

There are multiple characteristics of a ludo game app they are as follows:

  • Cross capabilities: The Ludo game app allows interoperability. Many operating systems are available, which makes the process of writing code extremely time-consuming. The development code for Ludo games may be utilized with many operating systems to run the same code across several platforms. You should think about creating a cross-platform application that runs on the most popular operating systems.
  • The Multiplayer mode: It is almost similar to the basic mode. The distinction is that the user uses the “Guest Signup or Social Media Signup” functionality to play multiplayer Ludo. After which, the ludo game app server connects the playing user with the internet server after the user logs in with the social networking website or platform server.
  • Smooth User Interface: Developers may quickly and efficiently learn how to utilize the platform because of its user-friendly design. Regarding virtual gaming, developers must concentrate on offering an interactive experience. Making the app’s interface so smooth that people may utilize it without encountering obstacles or problems.
  • The multi-language advantage: The game has a multi-language choice since it can be played anywhere in the world, ensuring that players will have no trouble using it.
  • 24/7 Chat Support: Users may collaborate and convert the game into a drawing platform by forming groups. They can communicate in real-time with one other in order to maintain a crucial distance from writing-related concerns.
  • Collective themes: The game has several interesting elements, such as nature, audio, and Egypt. Each of these themes has specific distinguishing characteristics.
  • Live Stream and Messaging: The Ludo game may use live stream and real-time messaging components to enhance the user experience. As a result, users have the opportunity to engage with one another and make the game more interesting. The users can engage in a video chat to minimize the inconvenience of repeatedly typing.

Time Duration And Cost That It Takes To Build A Ludo Game App

Game app development of ludo can take up to 10 weeks, depending on the needs like platform compatibility and features, the time duration may even exceed to 15 weeks or more.

To talk about the cost, it takes for a ludo game development company to create the app between $5000 – $10,000 (in INR, that is Rs 3,98,282 to Rs 7,96,565). This amount is only for a single platform with basic facilities. If the requirement advances, the game app development cost will also increase.

Cost factors that a Ludo game development company takes into consideration:

  • CMS Integration: It allows users to create, update, and publish online content using a graphical user interface without writing any new code.
  • Application size: Determining if it is small, medium, or large based on the features requirement.
  • Usage analytics: A technique for studying how people use digital items like applications or software. The software analyzes users and uncovers more insightful data than ordinary products can’t.
  • Multilingual support: It makes customer service available to those who don’t understand English or feel more at ease communicating in a different language. When consumers phone the helpline, they are given a language choice as part of the service.

Sometimes the cost of a ludo game app also depends on the type of company one is hiring, such as:

  • If an enterprise-level ludo game development company is hired, they will charge between $100 and $300 per hour.
  • If a small or young ludo game development company is hired, they will charge between $15 – $40 per hour.
  • If a mid-level ludo game development company is hired, they will charge between $50 – $100 per hour.

The Revenue Factor with the Ludo Game App

The first thought that comes to mind when any game is made using real money is how it will generate income. Below are some points that will help understand the revenue factors in such games.

  • Refer & Earn: Recommending the game to another user and encouraging more players to sign up for the board in return for gaining benefits is one way the revenue factor works in the ludo game app. The operator can customize this marketing approach to fit their specific marketing strategy.
  • Memory Management: In order for the administrator to reduce server billing, the ludo game development companies streamline the code to prevent pointless server queries. Which makes the game playable on all Android devices since their programming is reliable on the application side.
  • Fixed percentage: The administrator or owner of the ludo game app has the option to set a fixed rate for each game that is played and afterward change it according to preferences. The client can produce a return on his investment in this method.


So this was all about how much time a ludo game development company takes to build a ludo game app. Apart from this, to make a ludo game app including the real-time money factor then, a skillful set of people will be required. And XYZ company happens to be just the one!

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