Why are students assigned to write essays?

write essays

Most of the time, tutors or teachers assign essays to students to improve their convincing skills. It will help them to get creative. They will do their best to back up the concepts they are putting in their essay. Essay writing is all about convincing the audience with whatever information you ask them to believe with solid facts.

5 reasons students are assigned to write essays

Here are the 5 reasons why students are assigned to write essays:

1. Improve writing and communication skills

Sometimes students know what they want to say to the audience, but they might not be able to deliver their message due to poor communication skills. With essay writing, the communication skills get better.

Writing skills get improved for sure. With extensive research on a topic that has been assigned to the student, they will learn how to write something effective and meaningful. Both of these skills will help the students in the future when they are looking for jobs to start their professional careers.

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2. To share their ideas with the world

You have so many ideas in your head, but you don’t know how to deliver them? Most of the time, you might not be able to find the words that will help you deliver your unique and creative ideas to the world. An essay would help you to put words to your thoughts and ideas.

The tutor would ask the student to write something on whatever ideas they have in their minds. This way, many students will be able to share what they think. There is a possibility that a unique idea might get accepted by an organization, and you will be able to make your dream come true.

3. Polish critical brainstorming skills

If you don’t brainstorm or think out of the box, you are not using your brain correctly. When an instructor or a company person asks you to write an essay, you will start brainstorming to write something different from others.

Your brainstorming skills will get polished when an essay on an unknown topic gets assigned to you. It would help the student in further future. 

4. Teaches how to persuade others

Essays are all about persuading the audience with your facts, content, and figures. You will do your best to put enough information in the essay with strong facts so the audience will get convinced with your information. It is a very much needed skill that students need when starting their professional careers.

They will have to persuade people with their theories. They will need them to persuade company people that they are better than others.

5. Increased knowledge in various niches

You will be writing about different niches, which will increase your knowledge. If you have been writing on literature and now the instructor has assigned you a new topic, and you will start your research on it, it is pretty obvious that you will get to know about new things.

So, essay writing will help you to explore new niches. What if you find something new, something good, and you start understanding that niche better?

How students can write better essays?

write essays

Follow tips will help students to write better essays:

  • First of all, you need to outline the essay you will write. Put all the points in the outline that you will be covering while writing the essay.
  • You should have a solid grip on vocabulary, punctuation, grammar, and the style you will write an essay in.
  • You should know what vocabulary you are using. Just don’t write randomly. You are not sure about their meanings.
  • Don’t beat around the bush. Just be more specific. Don’t add vague content to your essay. Try to support your content with proven facts.

Final Remarks:

You know the benefits that you will get at the end of writing and submitting an essay. You know the tips through which you will be able to write an essay in a better way. Just make sure that you do extensive research on the topic that you are going to write an essay on.

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