Which VoIP Provider To Choose In 2021?

VoIP Provider

Using VoIP phone telephony which is used to make free or cheap calls locally and internationally. Buying a VoIP phone service is the first step to use VoIP phone services. For this, you have to pick among different VoIP phone providers that offer different kinds of VoIP call plans. Some VoIP service providers offer equipment which you can use with a traditional landline, a few services come in the form of apps for mobile devices and some need just a computer with a strong internet connection. The kind of service you select depends on how you want to communicate and where. VoIP service providers can be categorised as:

  • Device-based VoIP providers
  • Mobile VoIP providers
  • Residential VoIP providers
  • Software-based VoIP providers
  • Business VoIP providers

Device-Based VoIP Providers: The VoIP services provided by device-based providers are also known as no-monthly-bill services. The provider sells a piece of equipment to you which you can use along with your traditional telephone system to make free phone calls within the U.S., in turn, making your monthly bill disappear. The device plugs into existing telephone equipment. There is no need for a computer for the device to work, however, you need fast internet. Examples of this kind of VoIP service includes MagicJack and Ooma. 

Mobile VoIP Providers: Every day new mobile VoIP service provider pop up as VoIP has invaded the mobile market. This has allowed millions of users to carry the power of VoIP telephony in their pockets to make cheap and even free phone calls for anywhere. All you need is a data plan of some type unless you connect with Wi-Fi. WhatsApp, Viber and Skype are only a few of the app available for mobile phones. 

Residential VoIP Providers: Residential VoIP telephone system is great to replace traditional home telephone system. This kind of switch to Internet telephony is very popular in the Europe and U.S., where there are several VoIP service providers of this type. With residential VoIP phone systems, you can connect your existing telephone set to the Wi-Fi modem through an adapter. You have to pay a monthly bill for the service either for a specified number of minutes or unlimited service depending on the plan you pick. Residential VoIP is ideal for users who do not like change and are comfortable with using a traditional landline.

Software-Based VoIP Providers: Software-based VoIP phone services are the most common services. Often, they work with a software application which emulates a telephone called a softphone. The app can be used on a computer to receive and make phone calls, using the audio output and input device to listen and talk. A few software-based VoIP service providers are web-based and despite needing the installation of an VoIP app, they provide the service through their web interface. The most prominent example would be Skype.

Business VoIP Providers: A lot of businesses whether big or small have invested a lot of money on communication to enjoy great calling features with VoIP. If you own a small business, then you can go for the business plans by business VoIP providers. Among the service providers of business-level VoIP providers in the UK are Ringcentral, VoIP business and Vonage.

Features of a virtual call centre Software:

Virtual call centre systems offer a lot of advanced features which you can easily manage through an online portal. Every agent can receive calls either through a VoIP phone set or a desktop. However, systems vary from vendor to vendor; you can still expect to see the following features:

  • Management tools: through these tools supervisors get a clear view of agent activity so they can manage the remote workers easily. 
  • CRM Integration: you can connect your call software with CRM system easily to gather data from each call automatically. 
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR): set up menus and direct calls to specific departments or agents through IVR. 
  • Call Recording: record agent calls for training and monitoring purposes
  • Historical reporting: collect and review data to improve future processing
  • Virtual call queues: provide your calls with an option to leave their number and receive a call back

Now we are going to list some of the best call centreVoIP that specialise in providing custom solutions to businesses of all sizes and types. 

VoIP Business

VoIP business provides the best business phone system for call centres. Through the rich feature list, you can enhance customer experience and employee productivity. They offer software with multi-channel capability. By using their software you can easily integrate phone, web chat and email channels for a streamlined process. You can also provide agent training and monitor their performance. 


BT is one of the largest phones provides in the UK and they offer a selection of contact centre systems. Their contact centre system starts for teams from 1 to 20,000 people and they have an unrivalled level of experience and local knowledge. With BT you have your account manager, who can become familiar with your company and advise accordingly. 


8×8 provides software for a call centre that enhances customer experience and business productivity. Their contact centre software is multi-channel compatible and it allows you to integrate phone, email and webchat channels easily for a streamlined process. Their innovative inbuilt smart routing can match the caller with the right agent according to their needs and advanced monitoring and reporting can make it easy for you to spot trends and monitor agent performance. 


NFON specialises in both inbound and outbound call centres. They have an innovative cloud call centre solution that allows 2,500 parallel phone calls. You get hassle-free maintenance and updates. The software is reliable, scalable and secure. 


Cisco also provides software which allows you to integrate multiple communication channels at once. This way the agents can deal with webchat queries while managing the calls at the same time. Also, managers can send alerts to agents, can interrupt and intercept their calls. Now that we have listed some of the best VoIP software you can choose the right one according to your business type and needs.

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