What Workplace Essentials Do Millennials Need?

Workplace Essentials

With the number of millennials in the workplace increasing regularly, the present-day offices are changing to accommodate the evolving demands. There is the installation of perimeter offices, trendy cafes and breakout areas are replacing the old closed layouts, while floor plans are being modernised. Currently, employees work digitally and remotely, with little need for being at work physically.

So, who are these millennials? A millennial (a.k.a generation Y) is an individual born between the year 1980 and 1998. Read on to find the workplace essentials that you need to offer the millennials to guarantee success in your organisation.


The generation Y is motivated by flexible work environments, which may involve flexible work hours, working remotely, as well as unrestricted PTO (Paid Time Off). However, when working remotely, it is essential to incorporate access control system to regulate and monitor the employees accessing your systems. It would be wise if you offer flexible working conditions to the millennials because they are resigning from the jobs that are not fulfilling their requirements, but always ensure that you offer access control.

Mobility Technology

A few years ago, palm-sized hard drives and laptops that turned into tablets were things of science fiction. Currently, they’re everyday objects at the workplace. The millennials demand to work with some of the latest tools in the industry. They really want to work with a portable PC that has superb speed and storage. If you are in to internet marketing, it would be wise if you utilised email funnels and omnichannel marketing. These are the types of tools and systems that generation Y loves to work with.

Data Security

Although generation Y is widely known for disclosing most of the information on their disposal, they only release the info they chose, and here is where access control system installation becomes necessary. As a result, they would love access control security systems around their collaboration and personal devices. Entry systems, securing the networks, having proper antivirus systems, and incorporating disaster recovery programs would go a long way in assuring them that their data is safe. Get the best network security at network-data-cabling.co.uk.

Instant Messaging

With millennials working while commuting and staffs working remotely, having the ability to effectively and efficiently connect with colleagues is never an option but a necessity. Currently, most businesses incorporate instant messaging to interact with other employees, whether they’re in just a separate room or another country. Applications such as Google Hangouts and Skype for Business are popular among organisations across the world.

If you’re marketing your business, on the other hand, you can do so by using email marketing, newsletters,Google Analytics, and Mailchimp. If you decide to use newsletters to market your business, consider using the already available newsletter examples on the internet.

Incorporate State-of-the-art Technology

Since they’re the first generation to be born in this digital era, the generation Y is tech-savvy and consumes differently in comparison to the previous generations. Simply put, the millennials can incorporate new technology and master it quickly. This group can grasp modern business tools faster than senior workers, which is a beneficial thing in the fast-paced industry. As a result, it would be a good thing to give this group of workers a fast internet connection such as that offered by ACCL.

Sense of Purpose

Since the workforce contains many opportunities than ever before, finding a role that satisfies the millennials is always a top priority. Inconsistency and stability aren’t that terrifying since the generation Y only needs to wake up and feel like they are in the place where they should be and are appreciated. This is where having company values and mission statements comes into play.

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