What Does a Business Coach Do

Business Coach

Running a business is challenging and isolating, especially when you’re making the decisions as you build your business empire. As they say, it gets rather” lonely at the top.” This is certainly true when it comes to seeking guidance for advice and support when it comes to your own business.

Having an experienced mentor is a positive resource available to business owners and executives, one who can help them advance themselves and their companies. Likewise, mentorship is important because it offers professional support and aid in focusing your efforts to develop a successful business strategically. But what does a business coach do? Read on to find out.

What is a business coach?

A business coach provides mentorship in a professional capacity to help business owners run their companies and achieve their business goals. Business coaching is a process that takes a business from where it is and develops it into where the business owner wants it to be. Business coaches provide assistance and guidance as business owners run their business by offering help in clarifying the vision of the business and how to manage it within their personal goals better.

A mentor can be focused on giving advice. At the same time, a business coach assists owners with their goal planning and keeps them accountable to stay on the path toward success. For those in leadership positions seeking a more tailored approach to personal and organizational growth, executive coaching can be an invaluable resource, providing specific strategies and insights aimed at enhancing executive performance and decision-making. Business coaches are expert entrepreneurs or executives who have experience growing a successful business. The value of that experience is shared with others to help owners build their businesses and reach new heights.

Why should entrepreneurs hire a business coach?

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Business owners may need the extra support to face the challenges of running a business. Entrepreneurship mentoring can benefit owners and their businesses since coaches are third-party individuals who can provide objective advice and guidance. If you’re wondering what does a business coach do and what they can offer, here are some things you can expect from hiring a business coach:

  • Having an unbiased perspective to provide constructive criticism. Business coaches aim to achieve what you desire and won’t think twice about holding you accountable for your actions and decisions.
  • A partnership that you can trust. When you’re running a business, it can be inappropriate to ask for guidance from your subordinates. Business coaches are professionals you can trust, making them ideal for providing support and advice.
  • Guidance to remove mental roadblocks. Business owners often face challenges that can derail them from their path, which business coaches help with. Coaches can help you master the mental skills needed to achieve success at a higher level.
  • Assist in seeking out new methods and plans. Business coaches have a high level of experience and can share tried and tested methods that you may not be aware of. They can guide you in developing plans that you can execute to achieve your business goals.
  • Broad networking opportunities. Aside from their experience and stature, business coaches also have a network of their own that you can tap into. Your business coach may lead you to create long-term business opportunities with every new handshake they introduce.

What does a business coach do?

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A business coach is more than someone you can gain advice and experience from. They also actively participate in tasks to ensure that you’re on the right path. They build actionable plans that are impactful to your professional and personal life. They help prioritize goals and generate strategies to bring you closer to your goals.

Business coaches aren’t hired to do your work for you. Instead, they create owner accountability to keep you focused on your tasks and motivate you to remember what’s important. Business coaches are excellent mirrors for business owners, who may find it hard to heed criticism from others while making it much better from coaches who hold a position of authority towards their overall success.

The responsibilities that business coaches can be tasked with may include:

  • Communicating with business owners to understand their goals and overall vision
  • Keeping business owners accountable and motivated
  • Providing consults on new plans and strategies
  • Assess the client’s strengths and weaknesses to better guide development
  • Assist business owners in developing their skills to become leverage in business
  • Guide business owners to achieve goals set for strategic business growth
  • Monitoring business growth and identifying points for improvement
  • Provide analyses of strategic plans and assessment of execution to determine what factors led to success or failure

Top qualities you must look for in a business coach

The fastest way to learn how to run a successful business is by learning from someone who has achieved that success. Gaining the knowledge from a well-experienced business coach is a recommended learning method, but you can’t simply hire any professional business coach.

Here are some of the top qualities you ought to be looking for when hiring a business coach:

  • Experience. A good business coach needs to have a good amount of experience and achievements behind them. Find someone who can share their own experiences, failures, and successes, so you can gain genuine insight and learnings that you can apply to your own.
  • Accessibility. You need to have access to your business coach even when you least expect it. Coaches can provide customized programs that you can follow, but you’ll need their advice on concerns and certain matters at any given time. You’ll need to discuss critical details such as schedules and availability to gauge how committed your business coach can be to you.
  • Expectations. A business coach helps you achieve higher levels of performance and guides you towards your development. They need to set expectations of you to push you to become better. If they don’t have any expectations or keep you accountable for your actions, they aren’t dedicated to seeing you rise higher.
  • Willingness to share. Many entrepreneurs who have limited experience work much better when guided by a business coach. A great coach will share their own experiences, both good and bad, for you to learn from their journey as you create your path. Your business coach must be willing to share their insights without holding anything back.
  • Expertise. When picking out a business coach, make sure that their expertise will work in your favor. No one is a master of everything, and picking out the right expert in the field you’re in is the solution you’ll need.
  • Attitude. The right coach has had the time and experience to undergo most of what you’re going through and has a broader perspective on different matters. They need to help you see the bigger picture to understand that you’re playing the long game. Great business coaches have plenty of patience, determination, and persistence while having a positive outlook to face any challenge.
  • Connections. A great bonus to a good business coach can be the connections they already have that can work to your benefit. They can open doors for you and initiate handshakes that can become longstanding business relationships.
  • Cares about your success. A great business coach doesn’t just provide you with advice and programs to follow. They take pride in the milestones you achieve as you meet your goals. Your coach can be like a good friend who shares your victories and cares about your success.

How much does a business coach charge?

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Determining a fee when hiring a business coach may depend on various factors, including experience, location, the scope of work, duration of service, and personal needs. There are business coaches who prefer taking a percentage of the revenue gained during the consultation period, while some offer standard charges that may range.

Professional business coaches can charge from $100 to $1,000 per hour, while some may offer monthly programs that range from $50 to $500. Consider the price that a business coach may charge since higher prices don’t necessarily equate with better servicing. Coaches who are more upfront with their rates have a better-structured service format and can clearly set your expectations.

Ways to make business coaching more effective

Business coaches enact methods to optimize your performance as you work towards achieving your goals. To make the process more effective, business coaches always make sure to:

  • Ask guiding questions. Business coaches need to develop strong relationships with their clients, so it’s critical to establish good communication during their early stages. Business coaches can ask open-ended and guiding questions that can lead to thoughtful answers from their clients. Coaches won’t be spoonfeeding answers to their clients. Instead, they must uncover the answers themselves to initiate better learning.
  • Recognizing the positive. Business coaches provide accountability through constructive criticism but must also be able to motivate and acknowledge the things that are going great. Recognizing the things that have been doing well can lead to improvement points to achieve greater success.
  • Listen and empower. Business coaches have patient ears to listen to a client’s experiences while providing perspectives that lead to their empowerment.
  • Committed to the next steps. Business coaches aim for you to achieve better, higher, and greater than you already have. They lead you to a clear understanding of the next steps you can make and show commitment to your success in achieving them.


If you’ve been wondering what does a business coach do, then you should definitely consider hiring one to gain the benefits of their experiences. Many business owners give credit to having great business coaches to achieve their victories. Through continuous learning, significant hard work, and the guidance of a great business coach, you can set your goals properly and lay down your path toward business success.

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