Five useful website marketing tactics that small businesses can count on

website marketing tactics

A small business firm requires a competent website marketing strategy! Today, the internet has significantly modified the way the majority of businesses are creating and promoting their brands. Also, customers today want to engage with brands online and then arrive at a purchasing decision.  Based on a study by Business Insider, about 40% of the customers rely on search engines to attain increased data before they buy a product. No wonder Google records more than 100 billion searches per month.

What does this indicate about your business? Just this, that if you don’t have a well-incorporated website marketing strategy, you will lose out on essential scopes to reach out to your leads online, engage them and convert them to customers. Wondering what steps are necessary for a website marketing strategy? Discussed below are a few useful aspects to consider.

1. Carry out a website analysis

Conducting a website audit is the primary step in developing a website marketing strategy. As you analyze the present content and design, you will know the areas where you excel and where you don’t. You will also find out the areas where you have scopes of improvement. Consider user experience in matters of website design. Design the website so that it is easy to navigate and read. Ensure to review the navigation bar along with the sitemap, so that online users can find and have access to pages they’re searching. Make the font colors and size visible, bright so that readers don’t encounter a problem even if they browse from a smaller screen.

As you are reviewing your website, keep a tab of the load time as well. User experience gets adversely affected with slow load times and can also bring SEO down. To minimize load times, condense your videos and images on the website.

During your website audit, make sure that your site is mobile responsive. According to a Business Insider report, Smartphone and mobile deviceswill result in increased sales growth in businesses. Only 60% of global retailers today have a mobile responsive website. It enhances the user experience and also considerably improves your SEO.

2. Initiate and innovate content marketing ideas

Having a content marketing strategy is imperative for every online business. Simply put, content marketing is the method of curating and sharing relevant, original and plagiarism free content. It attracts the prospective customers and keeps them engaged to your website. Engaging content paves the path on which you can develop stronger connections with your leads. Before you have your content, it’s essential to think of a content strategy. Here you need to sieve through multiple web content related questions, such as:

  • What kind of web content do you want to create?
  • What are the topics on which you will focus your content?
  • Which members will create the content?
  • How frequently are you willing to publish your new content?
  • What are the channels you want to use for your content promotion?

The moment your content strategy is in shape, you can get on with a content calendar. It will enable you to make sure that you share quality content on a consistent basis.

3. Develop your social media presence

Having a social media presence is an essential part of your website marketing strategy! Social media marketing helps your brand to expand its online reach. It also enables you to generate more organic traffic to your site. Wondering how should you get started with this? Just begin by identifying the social media channels that you want to use and attract prospective clients. It’s essential to know that you don’t have to be online or active on every social media channel. Instead, identify the ones that cater to your business niche, and establish your presence.

After this, you need to register and sign-up for an account. Once you have your social business profile, you can start to design your posts and develop ways to operate your social media profile. Your online branding initiatives need to be consistent, regarding descriptions and images. Keep your profile complete and updated so that your users have all the relevant information about your brand. It helps to boost your online ranks.

4. Make the most of email marketing tactics

Email marketing still is a potent website marketing tool. There will be a time when you to start to develop increased content assets and also work towards improving your social media presence and following. When you reach this stage, you can count on email marketing strategies and leverage it to the best of your capacity. With email marketing, you can get the word about your business or service out with the public at large. It helps to increase website traffic and enhances online brand visibility as well. You can keep your customer updated on new product launches through emails.

But before this, you will need an email list. Initially, you can start sending emails based on the email id list of your present customer base. Enhance the email list by acquiring new contact data through the lead forms.

5. Opt-in for paid advertising to boost up your sales cycle

It is the last but a crucial step for website marketing. Your primary objective is to generate an increased organic search volume. But SEO will require some time to work in your favor. So just in case you wish to accelerate the sales cycle, you can opt-in for paid advertising and reap its benefits. Simply put, paid advertising can get you an increased number of targeted buyers. And then your content marketing strategy and other aspects can work hand in hand to convert leads into customers.

There are two popular choices in paid advertising to add to your web marketing strategy, namely social media advertising and Google PPC advertising.

Website marketing is a vast subject. Every small business owner and start-up entrepreneur needs to take their website marketing seriously. It not only helps to make increased sales but also enhances your online reputation, maximizes brand recall value and creates a better connects between you and your customers. If you are confused about how to start your website marketing, take help from these useful five points discussed above.

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