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Choosing a theme for a WordPress site is one of the most time consuming tasks for those taking the first steps. Despite the difficulties there are some tricks that can be used to make the best selection. That is what we are concerned with today. There are a huge number of themes, from free to commercial (usually referred to as premium), and it is easy to waste a lot of time in a tangle of possibilities and options. Many of the portfolio website themes combine, and mix, aspect with functionalities, by presenting several elements that fit in the territory of the plugins.

It should be explained that the good WordPress rules recommend that the theme deals with the aspect and the plugins add functionality to the site. Despite this, there are many authors of themes who do not hesitate to break this rule and add a few extras. It is a practice that occurs frequently in commercial matters. With it, the respective authors seek to gain a competitive advantage over others. To make the analysis process less complex, we have prepared some tips that will help you.

What is the purpose of the theme?

It is the first question you must answer when looking for the topic that fits your site. Are you going to create an institutional, personal, product presentation website, a portfolio, an online store? The starting point is to define the central objective of the site and create a first skeleton of what it will have. If you want to develop a business website, you might need to check WordPress templates for business.

It may involve a greater investment of time in the initial phase and be somewhat unseemly but it will save you a lot of time later.

Is that really the topic you want?

When you think you have found the right topic, because the demo site matches what you wanted, stop. Lock down and re-analyze everything again. Analyze the generality but also the details.

Remember that a demo site is like a model house. Everything is perfectly arranged, tidy and optimized to the maximum to create an impact. In a model house you should think about how your things and your style and routines fit into those spaces. Do the same on the website.

See how the different areas are organized and think about how your content, your message, can fit into the sections.

Try the demo theme

Most commercial themes do not allow access to the panel, to see and try the different options. But some have selectors that allow you to observe some aspects, such as changing colors, page layouts, among others. We recommend the Template Monster if you want more choices.

The type of theme doesn’t matter

Among the thousands of themes that exist for WordPress, there are many that have been developed for a certain niche market, such as certain professions or types of business.

Thus, if, on the one hand, you can and should look for themes that, from the start, are more suitable for your project, on the other hand, do not close the door to other possibilities. If your website is for a condominium company, don’t put aside a theme that was created with spa establishments in mind. Because it can also work for your specific case.

Review functionality

Most of the themes, as indicated above, go beyond its main function of taking care of the aspect and integrates several functionalities. See what they need and if they correspond.

Take a look at the documentation

Where possible, read the documentation. At least, take a careful look and try to find answers to any questions you have. It is true that most theme authors do not provide documentation before the sale is made, but there are exceptions.

Finally, hopefully the tips above are useful and you get the best.

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