8 Ways to Strengthen Your Brand Through Naming

Brand Through Naming

Branding is more like a buzzword that lasts permanently in the human subconscious; the only thing that sells now is the Brand name. Brand strategy consulting guest you must give time to develop your brand name; you cannot just throw a jumble of words & call them a brand name.

You may say that in the era of graphics words convey very less, but it is quite the opposite; it is the name that makes people comfortable, easy, welcoming & captures audiences’ attention. The very foundation of your brand’s uniqueness lies in its name.

Here are some tips & tricks to strengthen your branding strategy through naming:

1. The Name should be Available

This can be regarded as the first step of thinking about a brand name; you must check whether it is available or not. If you don’t pay attention, this can be an embarrassing mistake.  The information about all the existing brand names & those pending can be checked through the online database. Make sure that you check the domain name for your brand & register it as soon as you have thought of one.

2. Know Your Competition

Do thorough research about your competitors & their brands; know all about it in detail. There are specific names that work & some don’t; get enough information about the audience choice. Your target audience also matters & brand strategist suggest must use a tagline based on your product to increase the impact of the brand name.

3. The Audience must get the name

Take a keen look around you almost all the brand names that are trending today are easy you pronounce, spell (not necessary always) & catchy. Now to have one of a kind exclusive brand name is your priority, but it should also be easy to use; the common public must get it. The best example around is ‘Apple’ & ‘WhatsApp.’ These two both are simple common & don’t have anything complicated when it comes to names. On the other hand, using the name of the company’s founder can also be a great idea.

4. Be Serious About Naming

Naming is the first thing that you do as you start with an idea. It is necessary to understand that the whole company’s first impression depends on the name when the brand is new. The brand name communicates the message to the audience & reflects the company’s core values.

5. Be Creative with Words

Logos & graphics are not the only things that require creativity & imagination; you can give a cool look to the words as well.  Concentrate your visual ideas to word art like creating a word wall, adding a name to the graphics for your brand, using contrast & light settings to make the name more attractive; you can add symbols also to your brand name. The concept is to add intricate details to the text that complement it & fit in with your brand standards. Some examples are Puma, Nike, Adidas, Cannon, etc.

6. Ask for Second Opinions

Your idea could be great & out of the box as you are the one to establish it is hard for you to see the flaws. Ask for reviews from experts & general public alike; cause the former would tell you with a perspective of a brand strategist while the later would give you the market perspective. Include others while you are finalizing the brand name; this will reveal some mistakes & would bring out new ideas for the title. This will also boost your confidence as once you get a positive review, you know the public will accept it slowly.

7. Logo to Suit the Name

The logo is of a variety of kinds & they are an abstract visual representation of the brand name. The logo must be a symbolic representation of the brand name such that as soon as the logo pops up the name come to the mind. Be subtle, minimalist & snazzy with the logo.

8. Consider the Future

The future may be uncertain, but for an entrepreneur, the idea is always about the future of the company. Think about the growth as it is possible that your business expands to another related field as well once the company rises from initial start-up mode. And a wrong name can hinder the ability of the company in the long run.

Wrap Up

These are all the significant issues the brand strategist would suggest you must take care of while naming your brand. All the best with your brand launch.

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