4 Ways SEO Proxies Can Help to Promote Your Website


When you started a website, you knew that getting organic traffic back to your website was the main challenge that you were going to encounter. That’s why you’ve taken every chance to boost your website and have hoped for the best at the end of the day –which is to gain more traffic and rank higher on search engines.

The traffic that your website receives works as fuel for the website. And how to grow that traffic has been an ongoing puzzle that SEO professionals work to solve. That’s why SEO professionals spend their time perfecting different ways to be recognized by search engines. 

Today, we can see how they’ve managed to get their hands on a few techniques to gain more website traffic. One of these techniques requires the use of proxy servers to crawl up websites incognito.

What is an SEO proxy?

Proxies are online tools that hide your IP address whenever you’re browsing the internet. If you didn’t know until now; yes, the internet traces your IP address (or location) whenever you access it.

Basically, proxy servers allow you to access data from restricted websites without the need to proclaim your identity. The proxy server acts as a middleman by concealing your identity and location by revealing its own. 

And you can use this for your SEO!

Crawling the web to observe and gather data allows you to innovate and make necessary adjustments to your website. This can be risky, but you can negate the accompanying risks of this process through SEO proxies. 

You can collect data from any source and save it on your system without the risk of exposing your identity. These data may include:

  • Keyword searches of your target market
  • Backlinks of your competitors
  • Website activity and market activity

You can use these data to improve your website and stay one step ahead of your competitors. This method is called web scraping.

Web scraping is the process of scouring through the World Wide Web through automated crawlers. You can infiltrate data from Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) using HTTP proxies. But if you want all-around access through every protocol, you have to use a Socket Secure proxy or SOCKS proxy.

Let’s look into the details on how SEO proxies can help to promote your website.

4 ways proxies will help your SEO strategy

1. Monitoring SEO activity of your competitors

If you’re using proxy servers for SEO, you can freely monitor your competitor’s SEO techniques and practices without revealing your identity. To them, you’re just another web crawler on their website.

This way, you can observe effective practices on their site and implement them on your site. You’ll outrank your competitors on search engine results pages (SERPs) when you implement their SEO techniques combined with your own techniques.

When you gain access to the information scraped from your competitors, you can create an SEO strategy that’s been proven to work. And SEO proxies help to conceal your identity from the competition.

You can safely go about monitoring your competitor’s activity using proxy servers. Improvise your SEO from the data you’ve gathered and use it to improve your own proven techniques. In this way, you have a step up and can keep a step ahead of your competitors. 

2. Data tracking and site audit

As I’ve mentioned earlier, you can collect data from various websites, restricted or not, through web scraping. And you can do this guilt-free using SEO proxies.

All inbound and outbound data are managed by these proxy servers. You’re able to collect data without the risk of your IP address being banned from the server.

But did you know that you can also use this to track your own website? Yes, you can track what you lack and improve your own website through SEO proxies. Let’s look at how you can manage your own website through SEO proxies:

Loading speed

Whenever you access a website for the first time, your search engine keeps a cache of that information. This allows you to access the same website faster.

Google will eventually notice that your website loads faster than it did before. And we all know that Google favors a fast-loading website. So, if you repeatedly access your website using proxy servers, your loading speed will be faster and your page rank will also increase.

Localized SEO

Search engines like Google base their search results on the geographical location of the user. Naturally, what’s number one on SERP in Japan may not be the highest-ranking in the US.

Through SEO proxy servers, you can make a query on search engines in different locations all over the world. You can search for your website and see how well your website performs in that location.

By knowing these techniques, you can check out every competitor that you have and mine their data unnoticed. You can then use the data to improve your own website to rank higher in specific locations.

You can also localize your SEO in different locations all over the world. Search engines give you results based on your geographical location. 

If the user is US-based, search engines will prioritize giving you results from IP addresses that come from the US. And if you’re operating in the UK, using an SEO proxy will make it look like you’re operating in the US. This makes your website competitive on a worldwide scale.

3. Keyword research

This might be one of the most important things that you can do with an SEO proxy. Market research is important so your website can reach your target audience. 

You need to know what keywords your consumers input to search engines. Through proxy servers, you can modify your country indicator so you can see the common keywords used in that country. 

When you know the keywords that you need to place in your content, you are at an advantage versus your competitors. The data for the keyword searches can be accessed through web scraping, while SEO proxies protect you from the risks of discovery.

4. Social media boost

Social media is a reliable source of traffic if you get enough engagements on your posts. You can communicate with your audience through your posts and convert them to customers. Imagine if you have multiple accounts on social media that link back to your website.

This can be beneficial to your website until your accounts get flagged as spam. When the website algorithm notices multiple activities on different accounts coming from the same IP address, your accounts can be banned from the website.

This is the very reason why you need SEO proxies for your website. You can manage multiple accounts at the same time without getting flagged as spam or suspicious. Each account will come from a different IP address while yours stays anonymous.

Final word

If you want to do data mining while keeping your identity secured, you should use SEO proxies for your strategies. You can improve your SEO strategy from these data without the risk of exposing your identity.

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