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personalized products

Businesses across the globe always aim to offer closest to what customers want. They design for the markets where their product is the correct market-demand fit. So finding that right fit has been the game, always. There are multiple ways of knowing what customers want. From interviews to questionnaires.

But, customisation is an out of the box, creative and fun way to offer exactly what your customers want. It empowers the customer. It keeps their buying journey interactive and engaging. At every step they feel they’re being heard. The product is exclusively designed according to their needs. Backing this up with stats, Epsilon’s research found that 80% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase when brands offer customized experiences.

There you go! It’s a perfect market-demand fit scenario. A scenario every business would love to be in. Elaborating on the idea, here’s a comprehensive list of classic & trending customized products you can sell online.

Be a brand, bring your entrepreneurial visions to life!

First, Pick an Industry.

Measure before you enter. Here is a well researched statistical base for you to catalyze your decision.

Customized Clothing

According to the latest report by Technavio,

The custom apparel market is set to grow by USD 1.13 billion from 2020 to 2025

Predicted growth : 5.79%

Personalized Fashion and Tech Accessories

Statistical Research reveals the size of the accessories market and it’s huge.

Revenue: 535 billion dollars in 2022.

Predicted growth : 4.59% (2022-2026)

Promotional Items

ASI Central says,

Globally, 85% of people given a promotional item,remember the advertiser.

Predicted growth is 3%(2020-24)

Exclusive Gifting pieces

According to New York Post 2022,

58% of people will tell other people about their gift if it’s personalized.

55% of people keep personalized gifts a lot longer than traditional store-bought gifts.

We have some really interesting gifting ideas here. No it’s not the custom mug with a name. You might want to stay around till the end to know this!

Research, Research, Research

Even though you are offering what customers need, it’s important to test the waters. Use analytical tools to know what products are searched and sold the most. It’s time to put your network to use: run polls on Instagram and LinkedIn. Read surveys on what experience they expect out of the product if they customize it. You should also check the eCommerce features adopted by the sites selling customized products.

Based on the research, you will know about features of customized sites and what new things users expect from it. Then understand, what item they like the most to customize and why, how much are they ready to pay, and how repeatedly they can buy custom products, you’re all set!

Apparel Customisation is one of the top picks!

Once you know you are putting stakes at customize clothing,

It’s time to select a niche.

  • Plus size category
  • Sports wear
  • Tailor made sizing
  • Swimwear
  • Casuals

Let’s quickly select the focus audience too

  • Men
  • Women
  • Kids
  • Unisex

Great, you’re almost there. Now comes the fun part. You can add more to this customisation by adding trending prints to the clothes you offer. Say, a plus sized women t shirt with her favorite series character dialogue would be her perfect pick for a saturday evening! A tailor-made legging, designed based on their sizes and curves, with the print they want : she is going to tell about the comfort she feels to every friend she meets. A cozy customized hoodie will make your customer purchase from you every winter!

Classic idea : A shirt that has a zodiac and characteristics described, would be the best pick for introverts!

Offering prints like :

Fun-quotes | motivational quotes |  party time quotes | vacation mood quotes | prints related to latest web-series |  timeless dialogue prints | couple-prints |

Specific focus group : Try offering sustainable clothes with environmental quotes for environment enthusiasts. Puppies,kittens,panda prints for the animal lovers.

Customize Accessories make huge money

An accessory that compliments the attire is loved by all. Plus,who can not know women and their love for accessories! Choosing your own beads, charms and colors for a necklace, ring, earrings,bracelets is their favorite.

Apart from jewelry, some great custom. There’s a huge craze for basketball socks here in the US among all sports lovers that want to have a pair of their favorite team’s socks, all custom designed in different lengths, sizes & fit, and which is perfect for wearing anywhere on the go.

Little more niche : Tech Accessories

Super cool custom cases and skins will make your device match to your vibes, and everyone around will always know it’s not their gadget.

Promotional Items are every brand’s need

The best way to validate that people really remember this is: All the shampoo and moisturizer bottles that you have from different hotels. LOL! You just can’t deny that you didn’t take any, at least once. Yes, the Promotional Products Industry is a $16bn market.

From toiletries to stationeries to mugs, we always remember them. Hence you can design nice hampers with different price packages that suit and represent every type of business. As these are repeat purchases and are purchased in bulk, you get a good revenue space here.

Sell Creative Art pieces and get remembered for life

Epoxy Resin Art

What if you tell your visitors you can preserve their old roses that are lying between the book pages? YES!

Resin artists take a mold, put those flowers, pour the resin liquid, dry it, unmold it and boom! You have an item that has you preserved flowers. A coaster, photo frame, keychain, locket or a table piece. People are going crazy for this. Trust me!

Epoxy Resin Art

Personalized lights

Lights are known to brighten up the mood,reduce stress and create a positive vibe! When people see their pictures or names on the light, it makes their day. Offer a photo cube with light, a lamp that has their name. Offering this in a variety of colors and shapes will bring your business in limelight !

Personalized lights

Your Place

Capture the place you first met. Just ask the two city names and create a beautiful frame with real maps from those cities and add a caption. This makes a wonderful romantic gift!

photo frame

Your Star

Just like the place, stars can also be identified. Ask about their birthdates and birth time. Using tools, you can see the exact position of the sky during that time and a bright star that represents the individual. Put that in a frame. It’s really fascinating. Let customers give these stars to all the star people in their lives. A Star for a Star!

Pencil Sketches

One of the most beautiful feelings is : Getting sketched!

Many of these items and concepts might be new even to you. See, that’s the USP you can offer.

Wrapping it up

There is a fine line between ‘knowing what to sell’ and ‘knowing how to sell’. This was a quick guide to the former one. But, the later one is a detailed process. However, we are not leaving you halfway through. Here is a complete step by step guide on ‘How to sell custom products online. Right from how do you set the online store, to the transactions, and maintenance, this will be your perfect execution tutor. There is a gap between planning and execution, this will help you bridge it. We are eager to see your store go-live!

Customizing is really soul lifting! Reach us out if you need tech hands to lift up your store.

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