Ultimate Guide to Colour Psychology

Colour Psychology

Colours play an important role in attracting customers. People tend to make judgment subconsciously and in turn purchase products based on their physical appearance. Colours have a stronger bearing on customers than the design and quality. Therefore, packaging plays an important role in the branding and marketing of the product. If you have a specific colour product and cannot change your product’s appearance, but certainly you can plan great packaging for your product. Choosing the wrong colour for the packaging of your product can be harmful to your business. Colour for packing of your product should be decided to keep in mind your target audience and your product.

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Different Colours Associated with Businesses: –

Red: Red is the colour of excitement and energy. The red colour packaging bags are associated with food, entertainment and sports to convey confidence and energy.

Orange: Orange is the colour of enthusiasm and fascination. The industries associated with orange colours packing bags are f food, Children’s Products and entertainment to simulate mental activity and playfulness.

Yellow Colour: – The colour of Cheerfulness, energy and spontaneity. Generally, these colour packaging bags are used for children’s products and Leisure to signify fun and happiness. 

Green: – Green Colour is the colour of health and freshness, so these colour packaging bags are used in industries like Environment and Wellness to communicate eco-consciousness.

Blue: – This is Trustworthy and dependable colour. The Industries associated with Blue colour are Finance, technology etc. to communicate the stability ad inspires trust.

Purple: Purple is the Colour of Nobility, mystery and wisdom. So the purple packaging bags are used for speciality, health care and Finance related Industries.

Brown: The Most Common Colour of packaging Bags ae brown. It is the colour for nature, simple, earthy and durable. Industries like agriculture, environment and food use brown colour Packaging bags to promote earth-friendly ideals.

Black: Black is the colour of Glamour, exclusivity and power. It is one of the rare packaging bags used in designer brands and Technology to show the brand Authority.

White: – Another Common colour is white which shows the purity, cleanliness, simplicity and perfection. This colour packaging bags are universal to add strength and sophistication. The colour we choose for packing your products should portray products personality. The colour chosen should also influence the emotions of the buyer. Therefore, here is a colour guide that will help you understand how to choose the best cardboard boxes UK for your product.

In the infographic below, we have gathered statistic information on how packaging affects people subconsciously in choosing the products and different colour can affect the branding of the product.

Colour Psychology

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