Trust Arteta. He knows what he’s doing

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During a pandemic, coaches use other entrances to the stadium. They used to share them with the players and sneak up to the bench, but now they come before the players in order to give pre-match interviews.

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Now, at such moments, you can assess the level of the coach’s support. When Mikel Arteta entered the field ahead of the London derby, early visitors gave him a round of applause – much warmer than one would expect given Arsenal’s standings. The fans at the stadium are still on the side of the Spaniard. However, a big test awaited him – a derby against Tottenham.

Previously, the Gunners treated these meetings differently. This is a derby, they are waiting for him, yes, but the “spurs” were weaker, and there was no tension. Now it’s hard to remember those times. Arsenal are no longer leading the table, and their ambitions are the same as those of their neighbor. A neighbor who has finished higher than his rival for five years in a row.

Now, however, things are different: Arsenal are higher. And, despite the beginning of the season, it is more optimistic.

The 3-1 Derby was Arteta’s best moment at the club – and certainly the best moment for spectators who hadn’t seen Manchester City and Chelsea win the FA Cup with their own eyes.

3:1 is still a mild result. He does not make it clear how strong Arsenal looked, having already killed the intrigue by the break. Victory is pleasant, yes, but even more important. She finally made it clear to us that the coach has a plan and Arsenal has a style of play.

It seemed that Arteta was mindlessly playing his matches, hoping to stumble upon a winning formula, but no … he thought ahead. There is a plan. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, who once played only on the left, became the center forward. He rarely involves others in the game, but he stretches the opposition’s defensive line, pulls the defenders behind him and makes room for other attackers. The past 12 months have been terrible for Arsenal – fans may even be glad they weren’t allowed into the stadium. Now the fans are chanting their coach’s name so loudly that it is difficult to hear him during the post-match interview. Arsenal are moving in the right direction.

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