Top Web Development Trends for 2022 and beyond

Web Development Trends

“A successful website does three things:

It attracts the right kinds of visitors.

Guides them to the main services or products you offer.

Collects contact details for future ongoing relations.”

– Mohamed Saad

‘Change is the only constant,’ and in today’s ever-evolving realm of business development, enterprises need to be on their toes in every aspect. There is no doubt that the present digital era is very demanding. Therefore, whether it is mobile app development or web development, businesses should be aware of the latest trends to keep their work afloat. Otherwise, they will perish sooner rather than later.

In the past decade or so, web development has seen some humongous changes, and one of the main reasons behind it is the adaptation of new-age technologies. Also, due to the adaption of new technologies, it has become essential for businesses to follow a web development guide. However, people would feel that mobile app development is the new fad but cannot take website development out of contention anywhere.

Thus, we will discuss the top web development trends for 2022 and beyond in detail. In addition, we will also see the impact these trends will have on the businesses in the long run.

Leading web development trends that will make their mark in 2022

The main reason why we have included these trends in the list is based on their longevity. One might find these trends in their nascent stage at present but given a long rope, they are bound to become prominent in the future.

1. AI-powered chatbots

There are high chances that AI-powered chatbots will become more relevant and versatile in 2022 and in times to come. Through their effectiveness, chatbots can make websites more user-friendly. Moreover, by using new-age technologies like machine learning, natural language processing, etc., these chatbots can profoundly understand the customers’ queries.

AI-powered chatbots will be pivotal in increasing the overall user experience. Moreover, they can also be used to accumulate information, answer the audiences’ questions promptly, and render a clear edge to the website over their competitors.

2. Voice search optimization

Voice search optimization is already growing big, and this trend is set to rule in the future. As per the report of Statista, the global voice recognition market will reach $27 billion by the year 2026. Therefore, it is necessary for startups looking to put a website to include voice search in their SEO strategy to stay ahead of the competition.

Along with smart speakers, there is an increased usage of IoT devices that will also enhance the horizon of voice-based search. Therefore, websites that are profound enough to optimize voice search will stay ahead of the competition.

3. Mobile-first approach

There is no doubt that smartphones over the years have revolutionized the way humans interact with each other. Websites that opt for a mobile-first approach happen to retain 2/3rd of their customers. Also, mobile-friendly and optimized websites will have a bigger market to cater to and expand their horizon. Therefore, having a mobile-first approach is an integral part of any website development guide.

 4. Progressive web applications

Progressive Web Applications (PWA) will allow the website to have less loading time and smooth working so that the user can have a seamless experience. Since its inception, the PWA technology has brought some welcome changes for business owners and end customers: saving storage and power, easy maintenance and update, pocket-friendly, seamless installation, and more.

The worldwide mobile data is set to breach the mark of 288 Exabyte (EB) by 2027. This clearly means that people will be using mobile devices more and demand quicker responses, and PWA will undoubtedly assist companies in that aspect.

It is advisable to use an Admin Panel Template, as the pre-built components and pages allow you to build progressive and responsive web apps.

 5. Dark mode

This design is also known as shadow mode, dark view, or night mode. Various researches have also found that more than 80% of the users would prefer using dark mode in the website if given a chance. Taking the trend’s popularity into account, market giants such as Twitter and Facebook have already implemented the features. Moreover, they have also rendered a toggle that allows the users to switch between dark and light modes as per their requirements and preferences.

In 2022 and the times to come, more and more web developers will provide built-in features to toggle between the modes. And hence, this trend is all set to become a standard in the future.

6. Single Page Application (SPA)

SPA is one of the most recent and significant web development trends that have made its mark in the market. The single page applications are JavaScript web-based apps in which the content can be dynamically updated. And this is the reason why market leaders such as Google, Twitter, Facebook, etc. have included SPAs at a larger rate. Some of the brighter advantages of Single Page Applications are:

Easy navigation

Quick page loading

Offline support

Easy debugging

7. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

AMPs, in general, are optimized web pages that have a more straightforward and convenient design and are easy to navigate for the users. In addition to the simplified design, it is easier to read the content on accelerated mobile pages, and they are mobile responsive as well.

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs) becoming the new website development trend is a clear indication that the internet is becoming more user-centric.Along with rendering superlative user experiences, AMPs help in decreasing the bounce rate on the website. In addition, it helps in improving the core metrics of the website such as knowing the number of web page conversions.

More than 1/3rd (35%) of the web apps that implement mobile technology use AMPs which shows that the web development trend is one of the most popular ones in the market.

8. Internet of Things (IoT)

Since its inception, IoT has become one of the vital things in the tech realm as it makes many devices accessible through mobile devices. Also, through the increased use of technology, the Internet of Things will transform the future of web app development and thus is one of the vital web development trends in the present times.

Moreover, there are some prolific benefits that the Internet of Things (IoT) brings to the table. The top benefits are:

  • Scalability of the website
  • Developing a reliable website
  • Web security and support

9. Virtual Reality (AR) and Augmented Reality (AR)

Amalgamating virtual reality and augmented reality have given birth to mixed reality. And according to research, the mixed reality industry will grow beyond $9.982 billion by 2024. Therefore, including these technologies in website development will bring in a paradigm shift in the tech arena.

Along with working fine with the mobile applications, WebAR will take the user experience to the next level. Although it lags as far as compatibility is concerned on cross-web browsers, this issue will improve with time. Therefore, VR and AR have a great future ahead and will be a leading web development trend in 2022 and beyond.

10. Serverless architecture

The serverless architecture is based on cloud technology. Therefore, it reduces the load on the website, prevents data loss and also reduces the overall web development cost. Thus, it would be safe enough to say that it provides a win-win situation for the website owner.

Since the website is on the cloud server, there is no need to upgrade the server or provision and manage it. Moreover, here the users can run the code for any type of application without any administration. Market leaders such as Microsoft, Amazon and Google are prime examples of business enterprises using serverless architecture and excelling in their domain of work.

11. Cybersecurity for web development

There is no doubt that with the increase in dependence on technology, many online threats will also increase. Business organizations must practice securing their data and networks as a careless attitude in this direction could cause havoc in the long run.

According to Distributed Denial Services (DDoS) research, the cyber-attacks doubled in each quarter of 2020. Therefore, with such an alarming rise in cyber attacks, there is an acute need to shift to app-based multi-factor authentication.

Therefore, business organizations should focus on this web development trend and invest in security features.Focusing on the security features will help the business organization invoc a sense of trust among their target audience and expand their business organization at a rapid pace.

12. Motion User Interface (UI)

The new age consumers are looking for mobile-friendly digital experiences on a large scale. But along with that, they are keen on expecting richer and more interactive experiences from the web application. This is one of the prime reasons why Motion User Interface (UI) has become a popular web development trend over the years.

Being a front-end framework, the Motion UI allows the web developers to develop fully responsive websites and also use some predefined motions in a native app setting. Thus, it is vital in keeping the user experience across the website consistent and engaging. Also, it allows the developers to add various web animations elements such as bounce, transition, spin, slide, and many more.

Our parting shot

The future of web development will be experience-based. And as the needs and requirements of the users will evolve, so will be trends of web development. Also, the evolution and implementation of new-age technologies will play a significant role in deciding web development trends. For an upcoming enterprise looking for an answer to ‘why startups require a website’ they should focus on the trends mentioned above related to their product genre and just keep innovating.

Along with the startups, the established organizations also must realize to be with the web development trends to provide the best possible experience to their users.

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