11 Top-Notch Proofreading Tools for Content Writers

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The beginners in the content writing industry often assume that the business is all about fillers. They are supposed to write as much text as possible on a given topic, so they use more words to express an idea or thought.

That’s not how things are done.

The average Internet user has an impressively low attention span. If you don’t get their attention with the first paragraph, you’ll lose them. That’s not good for your content marketing goals. And if your content is full of fillers, it will fail. If it has grammar and spelling issues, it will also fail. If the format is not perfect, you have yet another risk for failure.

Catherine Tyler, a professional editor at Careers Booster, explains: “When it comes to editing, content writers are not diligent enough. They rarely pay attention to all details, so their content is far from perfect. It’s time to change that. With so many tools that can help you edit, publishing flawed content is no longer an option.”

Wait; what tools?

We’ll list 11 great editing tools for content writers!

  1. GrammarCheck

This is a free online checker that won’t deliver perfect results. Still, it will force you to pay attention to basic grammar and spelling flaws. Before you publish any of your texts, the least you could do is run them through a tool like this one.

  1. Ginger

When compared to GrammarCheck, this is a way more sophisticated tool. It’s still software, so it can’t be perfect. However, it will do a better job than a basic grammar checker. The features include: grammar checker, sentence rephraser, personal trainer, and more. The regular price is $29.96 per month, but you can often get it on sale, and it’s cheaper when you buy it for a longer period of time.

  1. UK Best Essays

Now we’re talking about real editing. This service connects you with actual editors, who will take your content and improve it in every aspect. But be careful; it’s aimed at the British audience. If you write content for that market, this is the perfect editing service for you.

  1. Ggrade Miners

This is another popular assignment help writing and editing service. You place an order for editing or proofreading, and the team pairs you with an editor who’s trained on your topic and type of content. Such a policy contributes towards really relevant and effective editing.

  1. Readable

Is your content readable enough? With the attention span of today’s online audience, it has to be. Readable is software that grades your content’s readability. It also helps with spelling and grammar. The best thing about it is that you can use it to test the readability on your entire website.

  1. Hemingway App

When content writers work for clients, this is the most common requirement they get: “Please, make your text simpler. Get rid of complex phrases and passive voice.” You shouldn’t wait to get such instructions. Make your text clear and bold right from the start! Hemingway App helps with that. It’s a simple online editor that indicates complexities, which dilute your message.

  1. Paper Writing Pro

This is another website where you can connect with real editors. You can set really short deadlines and get your content back in a matter of hours. The prices for editing and proofreading are affordable. With a small investment, you’ll greatly improve the quality of your content.

  1. After the Deadline

This is an automated proofreading tool that does better than average software. That’s because it checks spelling in context instead of aiming at individual words. In addition, it has an intelligent grammar checking feature that makes things easier for you.

  1. Slick Write

This is a fully-equipped, but free app that will check your text for grammar, style, and other features. It works not only for content writers, but for bloggers and novelists as well. Everyone loves it because it’s so easy to use.

  1. WhiteSmoke

If you don’t like using an additional app to check your content, you can use WhiteSmoke. It will check your writing in real time, while you’re typing in Google Docs.

  1. Grammarly

This is another great tool that checks your grammar and spelling as you write in Google Docs, Gmail, or anywhere else. It might make your browser a tad slower, but the team keeps working on its effectiveness. Give it a try!

Did you like some of the tools we suggested? Maybe you already use some of them? Whatever the case is, keep experimenting! With the right tools, your practice as a writer will be much more effective.

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