Top iPhone App Development Companies in 2019


Mobile App usage is on a constant rise, as we all know that currently there are two essential platforms involved. One is the undisputed Android and the other is the eminent iOS. As of now nearly 50% of all the iPhone users have shifted towards the new iOS 13 and in only 2019 iPhone shipped around 220 million devices worldwide.

The impact of the iPhone and other Apple products has been felt across the globe, with the release of several iOS devices every year the call for iOS apps has also increased exponentially. We fully understand the consequences of stumbling on to an app that does live up to the user’s expectations.

This being said it is always wise to invest in reputed companies. Therefore keeping the iOS platform in mind, we did our homework and alongside a core research methodology we got different industry experts hand pick the top iOS development companies right now. So let’s take a look.

WillowTree. Inc:

After starting in 2008, WillowTree began building mobile apps the same day the iOS SDK was released. As of today there are more than 200 fulltime team members who have successfully launched about 500 apps, Websites and Bots.

They came to have an independent analyst recognition in an ever growing list of delighted clients which engage with the company repeatedly. Some of the top clients that engage in business with them are Regal Retirement Group, American Express, Jonshon&Jonshon, and Nestle.

Hedgehog Lab:

Hedgehog Lab designs, develops and markets for phones, tablets, TV and VR. The company was founded in 2010 as a pure play mobile consultancy, with its focus on excellence the company is rapidly growing and delivering post PC experiences and campaigns to their clients across the UK and also abroad.

Some of their best work includes Microsoft’s Zero Carbon future, Santender and b&m retail.

Dom & Tom:

Dom & Tom is another app development company that has displayed great expertise in crafting iOS applications for Fortune 500 companies and next-gen startups. Some of the biggest clients that the company has worked in collaboration with includes MacDonalds, CNN, NBA and Hearst.

The company’s supports the client’s strategic initiatives through forward thinking user experience, innovative designs, open collaboration and cross platform development for web and other emerging technologies.


ArchTouch is skilled in the development of Bots used on conversation platforms like Amazon, Alexa and Facebook Messenger. Furthermore the company offers its full assistance to companies with block chain, the internet of things and augmented reality technology solutions.

Their clients include different fortune 500 businesses and influential startups like NBC, HoneyWell, CBS, 3m and many more.


Fuel does design, strategy and development for iPhone and Android devices alike. The company through amazing work in the past has gained immense experience in branding, websites and block chain development which can help a company to gain more.

With Barny’s, Verizon and QuizUp amongst their top projects, Fuled includes a wide range of brands and startups for which the company has crafted compelling and successful apps and websites.


This company is renounced around the world for assembling stunning iOS applications that have the ability to generate great engagement for mega companies and promising startups alike. The entity came into being in 2011 and has completed projects in collaboration with names like BlueDot, FirstJob and People’s Choice Credit Union.

This company takes it away from other app developers as they thrive of the development of well-planned step by step development strategy. They take pride in cross platform development and native development.

This company can be dubbed the most trust worthy as it has a very effective testing and collaboration strategy does not hinder the process flow. They let the client run tests on deliverables and effective keep a balance between the client’s expectations and deliverables possible.

QSS Technosoft:

This company specializes in the development of apps that increase the reach of an organization to the global audience. We can observe that their completed projects are visually astounding, reliable and scalable. However QSS takes pride in exclusive iOS and iPhone app development that perform across all Apple devices.

This company has an expert teams of developers and analysis’s that are offering their services to SMBs, so that the maximum returns can be secured. The company has completed successful projects that pertain to industries like Healthcare, Law Enforcement, Blockchain, Transportation and Logistics. QSS came into being some eight years ago and has up till now completed more than 400 successful app development and web development projects.

Hyperlink Infosystem:

Based in New York and also recently India, this company has enjoyed the top rank when it comes to iOS app development. Hyperlink is known for creating the most visually absorbing and innovative apps that are serving industries like Gaming, Healthcare, Real Estate and Food.

This company came into being in the year 2011, kick started by then CEO HarnilOza and is offering apps that AR/VR technology, the company is also known for the development of wearable device apps. Hyperlink Infosystem is currently offering services like Outsourced development, mobile app and e-commerce app development and also has a dedicated team that provide out-house development.


Contus is a mobile development company that has in the past provided mobile and web development. This company takes pride in collaboration with big corporations like, adidas, CISCO, Sony, Amazon and Toyota. The firm is not only known for app development but also provides expert cloud solutions, BOT development, robotic process automation and internet of things.

This iPhone application development company started operating in 2008 under the supervision of SiriramManoharan and some friends of his. The company has completed more than 80 projects by providing e-commerce apps, content management tools and customizable enterprise solutions.

Contus has its main head office in the USA and also hold firm presence in India. Currently the firm includes more than 300 engineers with clients that hail from around 40 countries throughout the world.

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