Taplink – landing page that drives your sales on Instagram


Use Taplink marketing tools and smart links to attract potential customers and generate traffic.

Many owners of business accounts are faced with the issue that their followers don’t go to the website added to the Instagram bio. If you do want to redirect followers to another website, use Taplink.It can show you all the marketing statistics, including the amount of visitors, clicks, and conversion.

If you tackle with the problem of low traffic, so it’s a right time to change a situation using Taplink. This tool allows you to place any number of links to your products.

Who is Taplink for?

Taplink is perfect for creators and influencers. For those people who aim to convert social networks’ traffic to their own website.

Use Taplink for your services. Let your clients choose the most preferable way to contact you and pay for goods and services directly on Instagram.

Taplink helps you with your online store. Make shopping convenient for your customers.

Taplink is suitable for everyone. Even if you consider yourself as a non-media person, we’re sure that you have something to tell this world. 

How does it work?

Add links to all your Instagram posts and use built-in tools to check how many people click on your publications. They help you to estimate the effectiveness of the business.

Create internal pages to add even more information.Make your own stunning landing page and place all your goods and services. It’s easy to get extra traffic and followers with Taplink.

There is no need for design or coding skills in building a Taplink page. Choose one of 300 designs and start making your perfect Taplink, or opt for one of the ready-made templates and simply add the necessary information. Add links to your socials, upload photos or videos, and more. 

You will also be able to understand what types of content your audience prefers.

Even the only one link to Taplink in your social network bios will help you to increase your Reach on socials.

Potential clients and followers can go to your Taplink and see the page with smart links, buttons, photos, or videos. By clicking on them, they navigate to other social platforms. 

Taplink has a user-friendly interface, so your visitors easily find all information. Use Taplink marketing statistics to see the number of clicks and the level of conversion.

Connect your Taplink page to other marketing tools like Google Analytics and Facebook. Go to Statistics to see the number of clicks on each of your links and the total amount of visitors.

Taplink will help expand the potential of your business with a single link, redirecting regular followers and one-time visitors to the right links. Taplink is a must-have for people who regard themselves to be in the online sphere. It will help you to share all your links by merging into one URL. 

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